4 Types Of Positive People To Have In Your Life

Human beings are social creatures with a deep longing to feel connected to others. Like most people, you probably have friends and acquaintances that play various roles in your life outside of your family unit.

Being Around Positive People

While it would be amazing if all of your personal connections were positive, nurturing, and supportive, unfortunately, you’re likely to have several friends who are the opposite.

To quote the motivational speaker Jim Rohn – “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with’. Therefore, it’s important to practice discernment when meeting new people, ensure that you only strengthen bonds with positive individuals, and impact your life in ways that benefit you.

How To Find Positive People

Your personality, values, beliefs, interests, and behavior influence the people that you attract. These people will, in turn, affect your confidence, self-esteem, thoughts, decisions, and actions.

When you’re feeling upbeat, happy, and extroverted, you’re the light that attracts hoards that want to bathe in your positive energy. On the other hand, your introspection may repel some people or draw towards you individuals who have a hidden agenda on down days.

To attract a high vibe, positive people into your life, you need to exude those qualities. If you’re not content with your social circle, focus your attention on yourself and make some positive lifestyle changes. As you raise your positivity, it will affect the people around you.

The easiest way to spot genuine friendships is to take a look at your circle of friends to identify their association’s true nature. For example, the friends that support your growth always have your best interests at heart, whereas those that want to keep your vibe low won’t be too happy that you’re changing.

Toxic Types To Avoid

Energy leeches and vampires, and fair-weather friends are just a few of the toxic friend types with one thing in common – they get a kick out of draining you. They feed off your high vibe and leave you feeling depleted of emotional energy.

Protect yourself from this toxicity by avoiding people who love emotional drama, refuse to take accountability for their behavior, have narcissistic tendencies, and constantly play for sympathy. They enjoy acting like a martyr and guilt-tripping you. If you have people like this in your life, it’s time to disconnect to make space for positive new friendships.

4 Traits Of Positive People

There are habits of positive people. You don’t need 1000s of friends to be happy. Surrounding yourself with a few people who genuinely love and respect you is more than adequate. Cherish your relationship with any (or all) these 4 types:

The Confidence Booster

When it comes to singing your praises, this positive person is your No.1 fan. They know how to stroke your ego, cheer you up and make you feel good about yourself. They inspire you to dream big, motivate you to reach for your goals, and always be available for pep talks on the phone.

The Empathic

On days when you need a shoulder to cry on, your empathic friend knows exactly how you feel before you even know yourself. They have a positive approach to life and an uncanny ability always to say the right thing to lift your spirits. This nurturing confidante friend’s support is truly unlimited.

The Free Spirit

Whenever you feel the urge to step out of your comfort zone and have a wild or crazy adventure, this is the friend who will happily join you on the escapade. In their fun-loving company, you’re willing to take risks, push beyond your boundaries, and challenge yourself.

The Good Soul

Everyone needs a grounded friend who is the salt of the Earth. They’re the personification of kindness and compassion. Their humble manner and good nature inspire you to be a better person every day. They are balanced people, not overly positive people.

Positive People Can Really Change You

Being around positive people is a good idea. You should spend some time reflecting on the relationships in your life and find ways to strengthen the bonds and surround yourself with positive people. It’s also perfectly acceptable to distance yourself from anyone toxic.