Are You A Renaissance Woman?

Have you ever wondered why it is that you get a buzz from multi-tasking and juggling multiple creative projects? Perhaps you also get a kick out of expressing your ideas, individuality, and uniqueness?

If you’re committed to following your passions and dreams and searching for pursuits that excite you, there’s a high probability that you’re a Renaissance woman. But what is renaissance mean anyway?

What is a Renaissance Woman?

The term ‘Renaissance’ is commonly associated with the period between the 14th and 17th centuries when culture, art, politics, and the economy enjoyed a rebirth. In these times, the Renaissance woman had many passions and interests and competence in various skills. She was full of independent thought.

The modern-day Renaissance woman is multi-talented, inspirational, risk-taking, and successful. She’s in her element when she’s developing her skills and talents and exploring possibilities. But she can do many things at once because she’s a multitasked individual.

Her positive can-do attitude, adaptable multi-faceted abilities, and engaging personality make her a highly desirable commodity in any profession. Wise, authentic, and fun-loving, the Renaissance woman also knows how to go with the flow and make the most of life’s opportunities. Are you a renaissance woman?

What Are the Attributes of a Renaissance Woman?

As a confident woman with strong Renaissance vibes, several personality traits are often used to define you.

If you’re a Renaissance woman:

  • You have many interests and are gifted with talents. Yes, you are talented and multi-skilled.
  • The abundance of strings to your bow allows you to earn a living with multiple streams of income.
  • You feel comfortable adapting to any situation because you have a unique personality.
  • You have a thirst for knowledge and find it easy to master new things.
  • You love variety in everything and exploring possibilities.
  • You make your own rules, but always play fair.
  • You sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you because you are not like anyone else that you know.

The Renaissance Lifestyle

Throughout the ages, Renaissance women (and men) have made great contributions to humanity being influential and proud. By following their passions, these accomplished entrepreneurs, artists, writers, actors, musicians, inventors, scientists, environmentalists, and politicians achieved success by doing what they loved.

If you identify with the overall definition of the Renaissance woman’s personality, you probably have a career that you love and interests that complement your vocation. Your diverse skills boost your chances of promotion and career advancement in your chosen field. Your vision is always focused on achieving fulfillment, contentment, and satisfaction in all things.

The private life of the Renaissance woman is usually equally balanced and harmonious. As a confident woman who isn’t afraid to stand in her own power, you know what you want and how to get it. If you connect with all these aspects, you probably don’t have to ask yourself, “Are you a renaissance woman?” because you already know.

Stand In Your Uniqueness

A renaissance woman is truly unique. She doesn’t want to fit in because it would ruin her ability to stand out. Being loyal to who she is, creates a balanced life. But it’s a tough choice because sometimes you must leave things behind.

Do You Have the Talents, Interests, and Knowledge to be a Renaissance Woman?

A Renaissance woman has the potential to be an influential presence. When you embrace your individuality and stand in your uniqueness, anything is possible. By being authentically you, you lead by example and inspire other women to follow their passions and dreams.

The world needs more strong, confident, capable, and courageous women to inspire, influence, motivate and create positive change. Be open to sharing your love of learning, exploring, and creating. In the process, you’ll gain extra knowledge, skills, and wisdom to enhance your enviable self-assurance and skillful abilities.

Are You Expected to Do It All?

While some people see your attributes and expect you to do impossible feats, there are others who respect your personality but do not pressure you to take on too much at one time. Yes, you may be expected to do miracles in some circumstances, but don’t let this deter you from being who you are.

When you proudly stand in your uniqueness as a Renaissance woman with a purpose, you also experience inner peace and absolute happiness.