Self Love And Feeling Good About Your Appearance

We live in a society where many people believe that they are living life in the spotlight. Unfortunately, social media’s constant promotion of the spotlight has made some women obsessed over their appearance and dramatized actions.

They go about their day looking permanently Insta-worthy, convinced that all eyes are on them. In reality, no one really cares what these egocentric women wear or how they fill up their days.

If you’re a woman who buys into social media’s alternative reality – where everyone is busy exaggerating their importance – you may find it hard not to be influenced by what you see. In our digitalized world, how we appear to others is unfortunately of primary importance. Perpetually worrying about how you look, what other people think of you, and how everything that you do is perceived can make even the most confident and self-assured women feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in their own skin.

Definitions Of Self Love And Its Importance To Your Overall Wellbeing

The latest beauty and fashion trends incessantly reinforce low self-esteem in women. Comparing yourself to a glamorous model’s photo-shopped images can make you question your femininity.

Because social media is such a fast-paced visual medium, it has the power to define beauty daily. Unfortunately, there’s also no let-up from the advertising print media and movies and music that continue to impact women’s body image insecurities. If you believe the hype, you’re not doing enough to attain physical perfection as a woman.

Self-Love Tips To Like The Way You Look

As true beauty comes from within, it is possible to overcome beauty insecurities and love the skin you’re in.

Self-Love Basics

Become less reliant on external sources to define what beauty means for you. Instead, look in the mirror and ‘see’ yourself. Create a personalized “I am” statement to boost your self-esteem and confidence – “I am gorgeous and awesome” – and frequently remind yourself of the empowered affirmation throughout the day.

Keep a beauty diary, and list three things every day that you love about your looks. What is it about your eyes, lips, skin, or hair that you adore and appreciate?

Look beyond the mirror, and focus your attention on developing inner qualities that naturally make your skin glow, such as kindness, compassion, humility, and sincerity.

Change your thoughts about beauty by questioning why you think a certain way about your assets. When you accept your own beauty, you’ll never need to seek validation and approval from anyone.

Become Desirably Irresistible

Being undesirable is insecurity that many women have. Your attractiveness, in the eyes of others, is what enables you to find a romantic partner, succeed in your career, and have a great social life – or so you’ve been lead to believe. Unfortunately, this skewed perception stops you from understanding that authentic attraction begins inside yourself. It’s more than physical self-esteem.

Women have a hot habit of dwelling on the qualities that they lack rather than focusing on what they already have. So inside the person that you see, when you look in the mirror, is a desirable goddess trying to get out.

Choosing to become the most attractive version of yourself simultaneously makes you more physically appealing, alluring and desirable to others. This inner beauty shows through to your personal appearance and radiates out to others.

To connect to yourself, write down your thoughts and feelings in a self-love journal. Ask yourself: “Who am I?”; “What do I want?”; “What matters the most to me?”

Cultivate a love relationship with yourself by doing things that make you feel good and bring you joy.

Define your own beauty, and validate yourself. Make a list of your strengths and successes—practice self-validation by accepting your flaws, insecurities, and limitations as part of your authentic self.

Before you can embody desirability, you need to explore what it means to you. Then, empower yourself by listing the qualities, traits, and attributes that make you so damn attractive – to yourself and others.

Own Your Style

Your style is a whole lot more than the clothes you wear or what you’ve done with your hair and makeup. In many societies and cultures, your dress sense embodies your good taste and personal wealth.

The clothes you wear send powerful signals to other people and project the image and impression you want to convey to the outside world. A woman’s style reflects her personality and how she feels about herself. A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin doesn’t need the latest fashion fads and trends flaunted on social media to determine her happiness.

Hiding your insecurities under a figure-flattering outfit may momentarily give you a confidence boost, but it won’t impact the underlying emotions that shape your self-image. To own your style and learn how to self-love, you first need to strip away the limiting self-beliefs, destructive thoughts, and negative behavior patterns that project your current self-image.

Women tend to believe they are this or simply because they perceive themselves in a spotlight moment. Your belief that you dress too young for your age or that you don’t look good in anything keeps you stuck in an insecure loop.

Stand up to your long-held beliefs by expressing your style through your ‘voice.’ Make a list of the image-related insecurities you have internalized. Then, vocalize the critical thoughts in the 2nd person. “You’re too fat to wear that”; “No one wants to see your bingo wings,” “You need boobs to make that dress look good”… Who or what do these comments remind you of? For most women, these negative criticisms are deeply rooted in childhood experiences.

Consider how your insecurities impact your relationships, career, family, and lifestyle. List how your self-image influences your experiences. Explore what triggers your insecurities and what undermines you, and make peace with your past.

Make a plan to change your thoughts and behaviors. Then, interrupt the negative pattern by committing to taking positive action. For example, wear that colorful outfit that cheers up your mood; experiment with different makeup or hair looks, and dress to impress no one but yourself.

Redefine your personal style by being proud to be you.

Self-Love Saves The Day

I think we all love to see women discovering a love for themselves. I know I do. When this happens, a magic thing transpires, and all the world around her notices. You see, all the pressures and competitiveness of the world cannot compare to a woman who’s sure of herself and her identity. When she finds self-love and holds it sacred, that’s when you see true beauty.