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How To Manage Your Boss

Have you ever considered that managing your boss can positively impact an organization and an individual’s career? Well, it will do exactly that because managers need insights from those they can trust…

How To Be Credible At Work

How to Be Credible in Your Job  The best way to be taken seriously at work is to take your work seriously. This can mean various things to different people, but some…

10 Women Who Will Inspire You to Never Quit

As powerful women, we need positive influence to never give up! Here are 10 inspirational women and why they are so important as role models.

How to Know If You Will Make A Good Leader

If you consider the great leaders in history, certain characteristics distinguish a good leader from a bad leader. Good leaders raise people and give them their own power. Bad leaders subordinate their…

Get People To Listen To You At Work 

Influence is about being able to affect other people, either their thoughts or actions. The ability to change the direction of others' ideas and conduct is an important quality to develop, both…
5 Top Ted Talks For Your Career

5 Top Ted Talks For Your Career That Provide Career Advice

Nothing is more interesting than watching someone discuss the things they are passionate about and learning so much in the process. Some of my favorite TED Talks for professionals have been some…

How To Manage Rejection

It's difficult not to take being rejected as a personal attack. Having the ability to pick yourself back up again is essential when achieving your goals. So, the next time you get…

How To Overcome Job Insecurity

The advent of the feminist movement in the late 1966s challenged traditional sexual roles, both in the bedroom and in the workplace. Women began to question their second-hand values (passed on from…

5 Workplace Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Career Success

It's surprisingly easy to slip into sabotaging habits that diminish your chances of climbing the rungs of the career ladder and of achieving the success that you dream of. Unfortunately, the polished…

Why The Covid Recession Set Women Back Further Then Men 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a disproportionately negative effect on women, but does that mean feminism has also been locked down? Whenever I think of working mothers, I picture a businesswoman in a…

How To Avoid Work Burnout

Identify burnouts early enough. Be willing to reflect on your behaviour and try to catch work stress at the earliest stage.

How To Get Promotion As A Manager

Do you want to have control of your career and take the next step? Maybe you have thought about asking for a promotion but do not feel quite prepared, there isn’t an opening, or they will say no!

Stepping Up In Management

How To Get Promotion At Work – And Fast

Self-awareness can be a painful and soul-searching process, but it is invaluable, and no matter hard and difficult it may seem at times, it will be well worth the effort.

How To Become A Team Leader

Making the transition into a leadership role for the first time is one of the most challenging changes to make during a career. Not only do you have to develop a new…

Do You Take Things Personally? Tips To Change Your Thinking

Do You Take Things Too Personally? If the words and actions of others wound you, you are taking things too personally. Taking things personally is emotionally draining and an unnecessary, constant re-evaluation…

Successful Professional Impact

Talented women who want to get ahead hold themselves back. Success is a process, not an event. If you are looking for perfection, you will always tell yourself you’re a failure simply because you are imprisoning yourself in the unreachable.

How To Negotiate For A Win

Tips To Successfully Negotiate

Negotiation is something we do in many aspects of our lives. At work, in relationships, with family, especially with children, and even ourselves. When you tell your child “no”, it can seem like it ends up in a war of tit for tat.