10 Women Who Will Inspire You to Never Quit

As powerful women, we need positive influence to never give up! Here are 10 inspirational women and why they are so important as role models.

How to Motivate Yourself – 15 Ways to Get Going

It’s not always easy to get going every day, even for the most energetic individual but never underestimate the power of “the push” in your life.Having trouble getting motivated? Well, many people…

How To Get Motivated At Work

Work isn’t always exciting. So, if you want to know how to get motivated at work, then you may have to get a little creative. There are several ways to do this.…

How To Get What You Want

The art of generating the results you want at your will is a skill that enables you to take full responsibility and control of your life. Whether you are aware of it…

Things to Do To Get Motivated.. Right Now!  

Move The first step is the hardest, so they say! Well, if you are struggling with motivation, the first step is certainly the most important. What will it take to get started?…

21 Quotes To Get Your Groove Back

“Dear world, I am excited to be alive in you, and I am thankful for another year.”― Charlotte Eriksson

It’s Okay To Not Know What To Do With Your Life?

I’m almost thirty, and up until two years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. This isn’t a new thing; it’s common. For example, in 2016, The…

Home Workout For Busy Moms

As a mum, you probably struggle to find the time for fitness. Even if you want to work out, you might not know where to start.

How A Wild Elephant Helped Me Overcome Fear

The Elephant Who Never Forgot Me It was a hot day in 2004, and I’m at the end of a four-hour drive. My car has broken down. My phone has no signal.…

How Can I Motivate Myself To Get Fit

Everything in your life, like social engagements, work, appointments, and keeping your house up to date, can eat up all of your time very easily. Open your diary on a Sunday and write down everything that’s happening that week, but ensure you have room for exercise because this will be going in there, too.

What Do You Know About Your Power?

It is about feeling you have the power to do what you want and control what happens to you. It is about your feeling; you can express all that you are.

Why Goals Motivate Us

How can you get the best out of life? How can you get what you want and feel good about it? The first step is to identify what you want and set…

Declutter For Success

If you feel that your life is perpetually on pause, you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or you can’t seem to connect with people who are on your wavelength, it’s time that you took a good look at your surroundings.

Things To Do On A Sunday To BOSS The Week Ahead

Sundays are the best days to unwind from the previous week and plan for the one ahead to ensure that you boss it. You can plan for a more organized and productive…

Getting Out Of A Rut

When you first become “stuck,” it might take a little while for you to notice, so you’re able to make certain changes. These feelings often build slowly over time. You don't start…

What Could You Do If You Took Fear Out Of The Situation?

Fear is the single biggest thing that holds people back from achieving their goals and dreams. We can fear failure, loss, rejection or be disappointed, getting hurt or embarrassed. So, we play safe and stay in the comfort zone.