A leader who understands the game can win a game, but a leader who understands personalities and has a personal relationship with players can win championships.

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Leadership Is A Team Game

As leadership consultants and professors, we can’t emphasize how much leadership is a team game. The dominant traditional leadership style is outdated, and it doesn’t achieve the same performance results as a coaching style of leadership. A leader who understands the game can win a game, but a leader who understands personalities and has a personal relationship with players can win championships. By maximizing the potential of each of her team members potential, the company will find its greatest success. This program aims to help you apply effective coaching strategies and techniques to establish a winning team environment where each member maximizes their potential and achieves long-term collective success.

What Will My Leadership Coaching Program Help Me Achieve ?

This course shows you a highly effective style of leadership, and helps you to apply the strategies and techniques which accompany it.

Skill You Will Learn

Questioning & Listening Techniques
Working Through Others
Target Achievement
Relationship Management
Motivating Others

Topics Covered

The Value of Coaching Styles For Performance

How & When To Coach
How & When To Mentor
Giving and receiving feedback
Pass it on
Taking action
Training for Non-Trainers

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Recognize the benefits of creating a coaching culture in your working environment.
  • Understand how developing as a coach and mentor, you will be able to more effectively develop competencies and heighten the performance of individuals in your team.
  • Apply different coaching models, performance tools, and questioning techniques to your practice.
  • Utilize feedback methods to improve individual and team performance.
  • Develop awareness of different learning styles and training methods and the pros and cons of each, including creating lesson plans and valuable hints and tips on training delivery.
  • Understand the characteristics of the predominant work climates – comfortable, apathetic, stressful, and high-performance- and respond with practical techniques to support team members effectively.
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