Leaders who do not delegate spend their time reacting rather than acting. They spend their time, putting out the fires in their inbox, too busy to develop their people, too busy to plan and improve. In short, they are too busy to lead.

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Delegation and Time Management Is About Using Precious Time And Human Resources For Best Effect

As Leader, instead of being a star performer, you must learn to get work done through others as a new leader. Your role is to achieve company targets, develop your team’s capacity, and create an environment where they will be highly motivated.

A delegating leadership style not only organizes your time effectively but also empowers individuals in your team to exercise autonomy and gives them opportunities to learn and grow. Delegating will increase, and the time you focus will heighten performance.

How Will This Course Help Me Succeed As Leader?

This course aims to teach you the skill of organizing and maximising the resource of time. By learning key strategies and techniques of delegating you will ensure your time is focused on and long term improvement and team effectiveness.

Skill You Will Learn

Goal Setting
Decision making
Time Management
Attention To Detail
Developing Others

Topics Covered

Understanding The Importance of Delegation
Plan For Delegation
How To Delegate
Identifying Time Wasters
Prioritising & Utilising Downtime
Objectives Setting
Feedback, Review & Improve

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Apply a range of strategies and techniques for effective delegation.
  • Manage the sources of time-based problems and develop techniques for managing your time effectively by planning and prioritizing workloads.
  • Know what to delegate and how to plan, brief the team, and monitor progress.
  • Understand the importance of setting clear objectives in your role.
  • Be able to apply the four main types of objectives to your work and achieve them.
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