Best Fitness Trends 2021

There have been so many changes in how we spend our lives in the last year, and the way we exercise has been one of the biggest changes. Gyms, leisure centers, and swimming pools were closed, and the fitness landscape was transformed as we spent 2020 largely confined to our homes. The problems experienced due to Covid-19 have resulted in many people gaining weight (Lockdown Love-Handles!). In contrast, others have been more productive and taken the opportunity to re-set their physical wellbeing. Whichever category you fit into, the health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore:

  • Weight control
  • Combats health conditions and diseases
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Fun and social

1. Physical Fitness 

Exercising Outdoors

Even though this might be difficult with Covid-19 restrictions and the uncertainty of what might happen next, walking, jogging, hiking, trail running, wild swimming, and cycling are great ways to exercise outdoors.

Whatever outdoor activity you might choose to do, just 20 minutes outside can improve your mood, lower your stress levels, and boost your self-esteem. You may be able to find an open-air gym that will provide you with all of the benefits of an indoor gym but will also expose you to sunlight, which increases your levels of Vitamin D. You could find an open-air gym in your area HERE.

Cycling also has many health benefits, such as; strengthening your immune system, muscle building, better lung healthcutting heart disease and cancer riskbetter sleep, and boosts brainpower – according to a 2013 study found HERE.

Remote Personal Training

After the changed reality of 2020, you might think that 1:1 personal training is entirely a no-go. However, thanks to Zoom, Personal Trainers have developed creative ways to approach training. Personal trainers will more than often find a way to help, regardless of a pandemic. Achieving your goals might also become more personal to you during such times. If you have a fitness goal that you’d like to achieve but feel like there is no alternative option due to gyms being closed, consider the PT’s alternative.

You can find trainers in your area on these sites:


Home Personal Trainer 

At Home Fitness

Quick-Fire Workouts

If working from home becomes a permanent fixture in our lives, it is essential to separate home lives and leisure from work lives. Having a fixed routine during the pandemic and WFH has proved to be an effective way to achieve a better work-life balance, especially when taking a break and getting some exercise. Consequently, micro-HIIT workouts, which are anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes, have become extremely popular.

Sitting at your desk doing work can leave you with a build-up of energy that needs releasing. So quick-fire workouts are perfect for just that. It’s also nice to break up your day doing something other than drinking tea or watching a Netflix episode.

Exercise class – quickfire HIIT home workout – › watch

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QuickFire TABATA – › watch

2. Virtual Fitness

Bigger And Better Virtual Challenges

Virtual running is growing in popularity with a range of races that consist of 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra-marathon distance. You can find virtual races taking place in your area HERE.

If you’re looking for more generic challenges that include cycling and walking, then you can find them HERE.

You can involve as many people as you like. If you’d prefer to do it alone, then you can set yourself challenges like beating your 5k personal best. Once you’ve set yourself a unique challenge, you’ll be looking forward and more motivated for your next run.

Wearable Tech 

Techy watches are now widely available and affordable and come with a range of essential functions that allow you to track your steps, sleep, or even heart rate. There are many to choose from, including:

Fitbit Charge 4: It can track your heart rate, is waterproof, another activity tracking, GPS, and seven-day battery life. Compatible with Android/iOS. The only negative is that it doesn’t have a color screen.

Fitbit Inspire 2: Can track your heart rate and other activity, is waterproof, and a battery life of up to 10 days. Compatible with Android and iOS. However, Fitbit Inspire 2 doesn’t have GPS tracking.

Garmin Vivosmart 4: Heart rate tracker, waterproof, activity tracking, and a battery life of up to 7 days. Compatible with Android/iOS. Although, the Vivosmart has a small screen and no GPS.

Exercise Globally 

Do you miss the groups you used to be a part of? Do you feel even more isolated because you’re missing out on making friends and enjoying the company of others? With a VR headset, you could do HIIT workouts in sunny Florida or go cycling in New Zealand.

VR headsets can take you to your desired places without even leaving your living room. There are even live workouts from these places that will be the new craze. Here is your chance to get your sweat back on.

The many positives of VR headsets and fitness are:

– VR is more addictive than regular workouts

– VR has a significant effect on energy levels and brain function, according to NCBI (2019). 

– VR training boosts your performance and endurance: This is due to having minimal distractions while your eyes are covered. You become sucked into a world of VR and more inclined to pay more attention.

– Oculus Quest 2

– HTC Vive

– Playstation VR

VR Fitness Apps: 

– Beat Saber

– Racket: Nx

– Sprint Vector

– Dance Central