How Can I Motivate Myself To Get Fit

How can I motivate myself to get fit? The first thing that will kickstart your motivation is to schedule your week on a Sunday. This gets the week started before it ever starts.  Everything in your life, like social engagements, work, appointments, and keeping your house up to date, can eat up all of your time very easily.

Open your diary on a Sunday and write down everything that’s happening that week, but ensure you have room for exercise because this will be going in there, too. You might want to exercise early in the morning, so maybe look for morning run classes, or if you’ve got some time in the afternoon, lots of Pilates and yoga classes, as well as interval training, usually take place around midday.

Fitness motivation ideas

There are so many opportunities throughout the day in which you can enroll and begin a class or do a little workout session in the comfort of your own home. Doing this every Sunday will keep you motivated for the week ahead and stick to your workouts.

Set Smaller Goals

Learning how to motivate myself to get fit required setting goals. I wouldn’t do anything unless I had an endpoint each week. Set yourself smaller, realistic and measurable goals. It is easier to take action and stay on track with a goal that is within your sights.

It is something you can expect to achieve. Set big goals but break them down into daily and weekly targets. You will only de-motivate yourself if you set goals that you can’t realistically reach.

Congratulate Yourself Every So Often

No matter what goal you reach, even if it’s going to a class or getting up that day to work out, remember to congratulate yourself. This will help keep you motivated, and you could even start small and have a favorite snack or drink with little goals reached. Once you begin to achieve bigger goals, you can reward yourself with something you place a higher value upon.

Keep It Varied and Exciting

If you do an exercise or workout that doesn’t keep you excited, then it’s not for you. Start and end with the exercise you enjoy the most, and break it up with the less exciting ones on occasion. There is nothing better than having a great playlist to do your exercising too.

Keeping an updated playlist will keep you motivated to have something new to listen to while you’re busting a move. Adding new songs will stop you from getting bored with hearing the same thing. Spotify and Apple Music are the perfect places to create and search for playlists.

Maintain A Photo or Written Journal

Whether it is a photo journal in which you take photos every month to observe the physical changes or a written journal to notice the changes in how you feel and think, it is rewarding to observe what you have achieved for yourself.

Involve Other People

Sometimes, we need other people to motivate us. Maybe consider taking a friend with you to your classes. You could motivate them, too! Attending classes is the perfect opportunity to make new friends, and you can go through the journey together, which leaves you both discussing other workouts that you could do at more convenient times. It becomes positive competitiveness, which is completely natural and can work wonders.

How to get fitness motivation back

Get a fitness tracker or something to help you keep up with how much work you’ve done in your physical activities. Whether you decide to purchase a fitness journal or decide to look at apps, there are many options out there.

What’s your fitness motivation?

Some of my favorite fitness tracking apps to use are:

– Fitocracy

– Strive

– MyFitnessPal

– Nike Training Club

– Finalist

– Fitness Tracker!

– VeryFitPro

– Fitbit: Health & Fitness

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I motivate myself to get fit”, then you’ve made the first step. You have the desire. Now, you need to move forward. You don’t have to use these apps, but they help. However, you can find a way to keep yourself moving even if it’s a friend who’s willing to keep you accountable for your fitness and health. This should be a close friend who cares about your welfare. Maybe they will join you as a fitness partner. However, you do it, just never lose the motivation in your life to improve your life.