How To Exercise With Children

Children are super active and LOVE to be on the go. You notice them at their best when they enter a park; there’s no stopping them! So wouldn’t it be great for you to keep fit and entertain your children so you could all enjoy it too? Not only is it great for older kids to develop the habits for an active lifestyle, but it’s great for babies and toddlers to expand on their motor skills and to strengthen their muscles.

Turning the Music Up And Getting Your Boogie On

We all have songs that take us back to our 20s, when we’re on a night out and enjoying life to the full. Your children will also have songs that they love from their favorite movies. So blast them out and start dancing together. Dancing is also a great way to release any stress or worries, and your children will love showing you what new moves they’ve invented.

Release Your Inner Child At Playgrounds

Every small child loves a playground, and the best thing about it is that there are so many different obstacles that can test your strength and mental capability. The next time you. Take your child(ren) to the playground, get in there, and join them! This will allow you to hide and seek while also trying to clamber over the obstacles in your way.


We always wonder why our body aches after we’ve been swimming, mostly because it feels like we did nothing to deserve such aching. But, even if you’re kicking your legs and working your arms, you’re doing some form of exercise. You don’t need to swim lots of laps for it to take effect.

Circuit Training In The House

Anything to destroy the house, and your child is in! This is perfect for setting up a circuit course. Starting from upstairs and working your way down, race. See who can hit the finish line first. The best part is, you can use cushions to do leg workouts by simply jumping from each one – because they aren’t solid ground, it will make your legs work harder. You could also add some muscle workouts for each ‘hot point.’ When they arrive at a point, suggest they drop and give five push-ups. As it’s a race, your children will become competitive, and so will you.

Obstacle Course In The Garden

It’s the same as above, but instead of using pillows, you can use something with more weight to carry, such as rocks or wood planks. You could also involve skipping ropes and do that for 2 minutes before moving onto the next section.

Bike Rides

This is a great opportunity to do some exploring while also having some time with your children. You can take a new route each time you go, and even if you don’t want to go on a bike, you can run alongside your child while they do.

Water Gun/Nerf Gun Army

If it’s hot outside, and you could do with cooling down, suggest to your children that you have a water balloon or water gunfight. Make it difficult by adding a hiding and seek game, so they get soaked when you find someone. You could play a nerf gun game in the winter and create your army if you have more than 3 in your family. It’s integrating your child’s favorite games with a bit of exercise by running around trying to avoid your opponent.

Coach Them To Play A Game

Do you have two children that always watch basketball or football? Get yourself involved with a real game and become the coach. This means you have to follow their every move and run onto the ‘court’ if there is a foul. It might seem effortless, but the fact you’ll always be on the move means that you’re getting your steps in while you all have a good laugh.

Warrior Style Hides And Seek

Dress up and hide and seek. Although it won’t be any normal game of hiding and seek, blindfold the person who is ‘it,’ and like ninjas, you can move from place to place without the person knowing. Or you could keep the person ‘it’ un-blindfolded and try to escape from one place to another to avoid getting caught. To make things tougher, create a place that you can go to, called the ‘safe-house, and if everyone gets there before getting caught, they’ve won.

Build A Den Outside And Carry Logs

This is exceptionally great in the summer. Carrying logs and other items to help build your den will be perfect for working on your muscles. The result will be your opportunity to sit back and relax while admiring your hard work and watch your children having fun in the den they also created.

Get Down And Dirty With Some Gardening

Gardening isn’t all rosy. It can be hard work, but children LOVE getting dirty, so what better opportunity to teach them some gardening skills? Build some mud pies and add all different ingredients like grass for lettuce and various colored flowers for the sauce.

Challenge Your Children With Exercises

See who can get to 20 push-ups first or who can do more sit-ups. The completive streak will definitely show, and while you’re getting your exercise in, your children will be having fun trying to compete.

Play Freeze Tag (When You’re Stuck, Jog On The Spot)

Tag is another favorite children’s game. Chase your opponents, and whoever gets tagged must jog on the spot until you get unfrozen by another person. This will keep you moving, and it could take any amount of time until you’re unfrozen!

Hide And Seek

If you play a simple game of hiding and seeking in your house or garden, they must do some form of exercise whenever someone gets found. This could be running laps for 5 minutes, doing ten sit-ups, or a 30-second plank. The list is endless on which exercises you can integrate into this game.

Do The Bleep Test

The bleep test is something we all fear in school but making it fun for your children is the key. It’s even better when you can get involved yourself. When a beep goes off, you run to the next point, and the beeps eventually get closer and closer together, making it harder to reach a goal. You could create different points to run to instead of running laps, and at each point, there is a forfeit. Whoever has a forfeit can choose different options, such as make the other person jog on the spot before going for the next bleep, do ten push-ups, or a 5-second head start.

Get Involved In Active Console Games

Children love console games, so it’s great if you can acquire games that keep you fit and moving!

The Nintendo Wii has a Wii Fit, which comes with different games and mini-games. This means you exercise your own little mini-me! The best part is that you can create characters for each family member, and you can compete with scores. Another perfect game is Just Dance, which comes on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It provides different songs, and you make the dance moves to gain points. The better your score, the more points you get.

Treasure Hunt

If you have children involved, a treasure hunt is perfect because they know that they get something good at the end of it. So, at each point, you should have a clue on where to go next, but not only that, you can add some exercises in the mix too. For example, five start jumps lead to the next clue.

Involve Your Children In Workout Videos 

There are many different workout videos online that help you to know which exercises can include your children. Even if it means that they sit on you to make the exercise harder, or they might want to do it with you – yoga is great for kids that want to join in!

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