Things To Do On A Sunday To BOSS The Week Ahead

Sundays are the best days to unwind from the previous week and plan for the one ahead to ensure that you boss it. You can plan for a more organized and productive week as you sit on the sofa binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Likewise, you can find productive things to do on a Sunday.

Sounds perfect, right? 

The Benefits Of Weekly Planning

There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday with loads of cleaning to catch up on. So, the best way to solve this is by ensuring you dedicate just 30 minutes every Sunday to declutter, vacuum, and get on top of any untidiness. I once heard a saying, ‘the state of your garage reflects the state of your mind.’ So, have a good look at your drawers, cupboards and consider if you see any relevance in this.

Why Is Planning Your Week Important?

Once your space is clean, you’ll feel more productive and ready to face the new week ahead. The same applies to a clear mind. Rest is essential to your productivity, so a clear mind free of worry and strain is a far more productive one. This doesn’t mean your burdens will have disappeared, but your mind will be clear on how to face them.

An excellent resource for this is Mind Space. Netflix also released a fantastic series of episodes of meditations in partnership with Mind Space. These exercises will help you create a clearer mind to focus on what matters, and they really help.

Things To Do On A Sunday That Makes The Week Easier

Sunday is like preparation day. Not to say you shouldn’t get some rest for the following week, but you should also set up a schedule and plan for the week ahead. So here are some things to do on a Sunday that can make a huge difference for the week to come. That way, you have 168 hours not wasted.

Set Goals 

If you don’t have any goals for the week ahead, you might finish it by feeling slightly disappointed. This is symptomatic of getting ourselves into mundane ‘ruts.’ Reflect on the previous week and see how you can aim more towards your goals and dreams in your life. Take small steps every day in the following week, and it will make you feel more accomplished, and as a bonus, you get closer to the bigger dreams and goals you’ve set out for yourself!

Empty Your Inbox

Emails are one of the easiest things to forget about, and before you know it, you’ll be building it up and have 1,000 to go through. Try to go through emails early Sunday (if not already completed during the week) and get as close as you can to an empty box. If you don’t have as many emails to deal with, you can use the extra productive hours you’ve gained to reply to emails and filter out your spam folder.

Plan Your Week

Waking up on Monday and not having a clue what to do next can be frustrating! Get yourself an organized planner. It feels satisfying to have all your to-do’s down on paper so you can see what you’ve done and know what steps to take next. Maybe create a list that’s actually titled, “Things to do on a Sunday.”

Remember to be as specific and detailed as you can be. Ticking each achievement off as you go through your tasks is very rewarding. Please don’t make a list about what you do; make it about what you achieve.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

One more aspect to remember for your weekly planning tips: Prioritize the list with numbers or the day and times you will achieve them. You will tick off your most crucial task before moving onto the other. For example, Sundays are essential to catch up on rest and time with your loved ones. Being fulfilled and rested is necessary for your productivity. You can’t pour an empty cup, so being refreshed and energized is important too. Your achievement all starts with YOU. By the time the next week is finished, you will be ready to start the next week’s planner. Over time, it will be easy as pie.