Why Is My Weight Not Going Down?

One of the first things you might do in the morning is to go to the bathroom and jump on the scale. You do this and notice that nothing has changed. Your scale number is the same! You reflect on the previous days and feel like you did everything right. You exercised, you ate all the right foods, but the scales say you did nothing all day and ate rubbish. It can be so frustrating and disheartening but don’t give up. There are many reasons why you’re not noticing a change.

Here Are the Reasons Why:

You Could Be Losing Fat, But Not Weight

Once we begin to make the changes in our life to start our weight loss journey, you might not see the scales change for up to 3 weeks. Yes, it’s a timely thing. So, remember this, if you do everything right for one day and expect to see a big change the next day, or within a couple of days, you might not.

You might notice other things first. Your trousers might not be tight anymore; tight-fitting tops might be a bit looser. The inches will come off first before the scales down. Especially if you’re exercising, you’ll be building muscle and toning, which can cause extra weight anyway. It will all eventually even out because the more muscle you’re building, the more fat your body will burn later on.

You’re Taking Medications That Cause Weight Gain

It’s so much harder to lose weight when you’re on medication that prevents it. Whether it’s birth control or anti-depressants, you could be doing every single thing right, but the medication is just making it so much harder. Speak to your doctor about your options.

You’re Not Watching What You’re Drinking

Whatever we drink can have the same effect on our bodies as what we eat, even though sometimes it might not feel like it. A fizzy drink holds approximately 150-200 extra calories and 40g of sugar. If you’re drinking three cans a day, that’s already 600 calories. It also doesn’t make a difference if you’re drinking the low calorie and no-sugar options – they’re no better for you!

Our bodies aren’t designed to digest chemicals. These drinks can cause weight gain as well as other health issues. Think of the coffee you’re drinking in the morning; is it flavored? Are you adding sugar? They all add up and can be what’s causing you not to notice anything on the scale, simply because you’re digesting all of these calories without even realizing it.

You’re Working Out Too Much

Who knew this was a thing? If you’re working out too much, this can cause hormonal imbalances, and your body will ultimately go into stress mode and an increase in cortisol. Working out more than you should also cause your hunger to increase, and you’ll end up eating more than you usually would, and it’ll more than likely be the wrong things. Give yourself a bit of a break. Exercising for 20-60 minutes a day is fine, and not exercising for a day or two in between is also okay and will work better for your body than working flat out.

Allow Yourself Cheat Days

The cheats are great. They keep us motivated and help us to stay on track. BUT, don’t have cheat days where you spend the whole day bingeing out on the best types of foods.

Having a cheat meal or a cheat snack is perfect and will be enough to satisfy your senses before returning to the other foods you have to eat. If you allow yourself too much of a cheat, your body will realize how much you miss it, and you’ll end up ultimately off track. It will also make you crave those naughty foods that you’ve been missing out on. Please don’t hate yourself; pinpoint the area and change it.