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The Fitness Challenge

There have been so many changes in how we spend our lives in the last year, and the way we exercise has been one of the biggest changes. Gyms, leisure centers, and swimming pools were closed, and the fitness landscape was transformed as we spent 2020 largely confined to our homes.

The problems experienced due to Covid-19 have resulted in many people gaining weight (Lockdown Love-Handles!). In contrast, others have been more productive and taken the opportunity to re-set their physical wellbeing.

Ways To Stay Fit Whilst Involving Your Kids

Children are super active and LOVE to be on the go. You notice them at their best when they enter a park; there’s no stopping them! So wouldn’t it be great for you to keep fit and entertain your children so you could all enjoy it too? Not only is it great for older kids to develop the habits for an active lifestyle, but it’s great for babies and toddlers to expand on their motor skills and to strengthen their muscles.

Five Most Neglected Areas of Women’s Health

The rate at which women’s health is being neglected compared to men’s health is quite alarming. The reason why this disparity exists is not far-fetched: researchers and scientists find the female system more complex and expensive to work on; by implication, they pay less attention to women’s health issues. This singular act of negligence has caused a good number of damaging effects.

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