Innovation is the most important way for company’s to accelerate the pace of change in today’s business market. Leading strategic thinkers are transcending beyond the focus of traditional product and service innovations, to now pioneer innovations in business practices, processes, distribution, quality and the way organizations are run by their leaders. Innovation and change is a continual process heppening every day.

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Why Do I need To Develop Innovation And Change Leadership Competencies?

New technologies, opportunities, and threats force organizations to acquire adaptive capacities to remain relevant, competitive and survive in an increasingly complex business environment. Driving change and improvement is a critical skill for senior leaders to ensure long-term organizational success.

Most change strategies fail because there is a gap between the leaders’ aspirations and execution. They fail due to the complex human element in the change process. People and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation. Disciplined focus on three people-management fundamentals may produce the building blocks of an innovative organization.

Firstly, change needs to be integrated into the strategic-management agenda. Secondly, it needs to tap into unused organizational talent. Thirdly it needs to foster an innovation culture based on trust among employees.

This course helps you understand the change process, the challenges to plan for and how it may be strategically woven within the fabric of your organization.

What Will My Leadership Coaching Program Help Me Achieve ?

This program will enable you to recognize the importance of innovation and change in your organization, manage the phases involved and lead people through the process.

Skill You Will Learn

Facilitating Growth In Others
Critical Thinking
Strategic Intelligence
Project Management
Decision Making
Risk Management

Topics Covered

Creativity and Innovation
Challenging the Status Quo
Experiencing Change
Making The change
Seeing Change Through
Thriving In Change

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Analyze organizational culture before implementing a change.
  • Understand why change strategies fail and understand the benefits of continual incremental change.
  • Understand criteria for challenging organizational status quo and learn how to think outside the box to gain a fresh perspective using a combination of logic, experience, intuition, and creativity and innovation as a basis for sound decision making.
  • Apply a range of strategies and consider how political, economic, social, and technical factors influence success.
  • Understand how the primary forces of change will help you anticipate and manage reactions.
  • Examine the phases of the change process in your organization, and apply a range of strategies to remove fear and resistance to change.
  • Identify factors that can affect how your organization responds to change.
  • Explore the roadblocks to change in your organization and utilize strategies to overcome them.
  • Utilize methods to deal with criticism and stress due to the change.
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