Feelings and emotions are central aspects of our humanity. Emotions validate how we interpret the world around us. To set direction in life we need to manage the emotions that stand aside our experiences. Akin to looking at the internal workings of a machine, understanding emotions helps us improve our understanding of ourselves and others. It can help us reframe and regain control of areas of our lives which unbridled emotions play a large role. This enables us to take on challenges that our emotions would have kept us away from.

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Organizations and businesses operate as emotional economies as much and if not more than financial economies. There are endless emotional transactions between individuals and groups, but while the emotions of others affect our own, we rarely pay as much attention to it as we do other areas of our growth and development. Our emotions can be heightened or lowered to the point that they take control over us. These emotions can limit our relationships, our view of ourselves, our opportunities and success.

Skill You Will Learn

Emotional Intelligence
Direction & Focus
Sense Of Agency
Interpersonal Skills
Empower Self & Others


Topics Covered

Emotional Intelligence
How Emotions Rule Our Behaviours
Understanding Emotions
Managing Triggers,
Managing Fear, Failures & Ambiguity
Emotion Makeover

Why Will This Managing Emotions Course Help Me To Succeed?

This course will show you how to develop emotional intelligence to improve your understanding of yourself and others. Improving your emotional intelligence helps you improve relationships, and take the driving seat to avoid being veered off track from your goal.

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Identify your emotional triggers and gain a range of highly effective techniques for harnessing out-of-control emotions, channeling them for positive outcomes.
  • Utilize emotional intelligence as a tool to understand the affects others have upon you and the impact you have upon others.
  • Apply techniques to manage emotions associated with ambiguity and apply mindfulness techniques to overcome them.
  • Gain scientific insight into how the experts change thoughts that support limiting behaviors.
  • Learn techniques to help you shift limiting emotions and the habitual behaviors which follow.
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