How To Make Virtual Relationships Fun

There are all sorts of reasons families close at heart end up separated by distance, time, or just busy schedules. Online relationships in today’s society seem pretty normal.

During the lockdown, physical hugs were as hard to come by as disease-free pangolins, and, even now, you may be itching to find new ways to maintain close relationships online while having fun and forming new memories.

Benefits Of Online Relationships

Being together face to face is wonderful, but doing things online together is a blast as well. During these uncertain times, it’s important to reap the benefits of online relationships. Let’s examine a few.

Be The Virtual Winner With An Online Game

If your family is anything like mine, the board usually ends in recriminations and tears. Perhaps in the virtual world, it’s different? According to the experts, playing games with your family can improve cognitive function, reduce stress, and give you something to talk about beyond the usual family gossip.

Opt for the virtual equivalent of a traditional board game with ScrabbleGo or Monopoly or, if they bring back too many bad memories, try something a little darker, like Werewolf. In this game, you can become a werewolf and terrorize your little sister (just as you would in the real world).

Go On A Virtual Holiday And Share New Experiences

There’ll be no sandwiches in the car, or emergency pee stops on a virtual holiday! Get some virtual kicks on a Route 66 road trip, or tick the Great Wall of China off your virtual bucket list.

You may not come home with a tan, but good weather is guaranteed! Vacations like this are normal for online relationships in today’s society.

Get Together And Let it All Hang Out (Virtually)

App developers made video-conferencing software like Google Hangouts and Zoom just for this! You could organize a dinner party where all the guests prepare the same recipe and then troubleshoot the disastrous results!

Alternatively, meet up for cocktails, do an online fitness workout, or have a karaoke contest. Just remember – what happens online stays online! This sounds like the perfect excuse for those engaged in online social life, wouldn’t you think?

Strengthen Your Family Ties With Digital Storytelling

Rediscover the ancient art of storytelling and understand how the family experience has formed and influenced each one of its members. This helps build a strong family connection.

Working as a team, your family can explore issues that have affected your lives together and use digital tools to create a unique family chronicle while exploring the true meaning of family.

Digital storytelling is a creative, potentially transformative, participatory process that can help us understand the multiple and complex ways people’s lives are affected by the family experience, using interactive narratives, online videos, and narrative computer games.

Set Your Friends Free In The Virtual Escape Room

You don’t have to be in the same room to escape from one together. Let off some steam, embrace your inner child, and discover your friends’ strengths and weaknesses in an online escape room.

Opt for the Escape Fest, where you and your friends “wake up outside your tent with no memory of the night before”; or find yourselves “on a cruise ship as the only passengers” in Cabin Fever.

Either way, you’ll have to use all your collective wiles to survive, so there’s no room for petty arguments here. There’s only time for some virtual fun!

Are Online Relationships Real?

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how to capitalize on this weird and wonderful thing called the World Wide Web. Physical meetings are great (as are hugs), but they don’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all in your family relationships or your friendships. Online relationships in today’s society are quite different than they were 20 years ago.

Is This The Answer To Distance Relationships?

Learning about the ways to have fun online makes us question other aspects of online relationships. When it comes to distance relationships, is it possible that these games and activities can provide a sense of closeness, close enough to feel like you’re in the same room?

Virtual relationships can be both fun and rewarding, so why not challenge your friends to an online karaoke contest instead of meeting at the same boring coffee shop yet again? And if you’re in a distance relationship, then try these activities or other online ideas for relationships. Who knows, you might find they make you feel right at home, so far away.