Why Women Don’t Need Muscle Power To Be Strong

I doubt many women ended 2020 feeling strong and invigorated, but if anyone has, it must be Kamala Harris.

Having blasted through a series of glass ceilings, Harris is the first woman to secure the Vice President of the United States position. But, she’s also determined not to be the last.

Harris’s achievement is truly remarkable, especially given the current state of politics in the US. It’s not what I’ll be trying to replicate in 2021, though.

I have no ambition for politics, but Harris has offered a few inspiring pearls of wisdom that resonate with my own life experience.

Women Power!

Women’s roots should be celebrated, not dyed. Poignantly, Harris’s first name, Kamala, means lotus flower. In Hinduism, this symbolizes “one’s ability to perform their duty without being influenced by any desire, pleasure, or gain.” A description that pretty much sums up Harris’s attitude to both her personal and professional life.

In her acceptance speech on 7th November, Harris promised she would “strive to be a vice president like Joe was to President Obama: loyal, honest, and prepared.”

She assured Americans that she would fight to rebuild the economy, root out systemic racism, combat the climate crisis, and “heal the soul of our nation.”

Wouldn’t you like to begin 2021 “loyal, honest, and prepared”? Don’t you think it’s time to start healing the soul of humanity by healing our own?

What better way to achieve those goals than by following in Harris’ footsteps and embracing our strengths?

Just as the lotus flower blossoms on the water’s surface and yet has roots firmly rooted deep underground, so Harris celebrates the strength of her roots as she blossoms in the political arena.

Similarly, every woman’s roots are there to be celebrated, not dyed and used as the foundation from which self-acceptance can begin, and our strengths flourish.

We, like Harris, should: “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction” and see ourselves in ways that others may not like or recognize just because they’ve never had to before.

What Is Women Power?

Over the past year, several women have, in their own ways, urged me to embrace a different version of myself, recognize my personal strengths, and celebrate my roots. The following four lessons are what I managed to glean from them through the fog of ego and wavering self-assurance. And also by paying attention to women, power, and politics.

Are You Using Your Women Power?

One friend is currently writing about her personal, spiritual journey, gradually coming to accept that all things are as they should be, even if those things caused us grief or anger.

She has taught me that what appear to be coincidences in our lives are the energies that guide us towards realizing our true selves and the strength that lies therein.

By embracing Jung’s concept of synchronicity, we can begin to see how an event in the outside world can have a meaningful connection to something internal. Our inner state communicates with the external world to nurture external energies to attain personal and professional goals.

Mind Over Matter: You Are Only As Strong As You Believe

Several long-distance friends are keen to adventure racers, participating in multi-discipline competitions, tough 1,000km horse races, and ultramarathons. It takes incredible strength of mind as well as physical fitness to complete such challenges. If you don’t believe you can finish, you won’t.

In August, I took part in a virtual multi-discipline race that challenged me mentally as it did physically. Going out every day on horseback or foot to complete my allocated kilometers took some serious motivation. In addition, it taught me two valuable lessons; first, you are only as strong as your mind allows you to be, and second, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

The extent to which we can tolerate discomfort, be it physical, professional, or emotional, is governed by our strength of mind. If we don’t let that feeling of disquiet matter, then it no longer matters.

The Love Revolution: Creating Hope Through Humanity

It’s easy to let our problems overwhelm us, especially over the past year when social distancing and lockdown regulations have exacerbated feelings of loneliness and isolation.

We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same depth of water, and throwing a lifeline to someone else could prove to be your own, or only, means of survival.

Whether you do something kind for your neighbor, pick up some litter, run a charity race, or give your mum an unexpected call, it doesn’t matter.  Just reach out and make a connection, and that’s how using your women’s power comes into play.

Honesty In The Face Of Conflict

At times we all have to face difficulties, whether in our personal or professional lives. But, more often than not, those difficulties cause conflicts which many of us, especially women, are prone to avoid.

As Kamala Harris notes in her autobiography, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, “We cannot solve our most intractable problems unless we are honest about what they are.”

I have been wrestling with one area of conflict for over two years, afraid to confront the issue and fear the potential consequences. But, I finally did face up to the problem, and the world didn’t end. In fact, the problem was resolving quickly and graciously, proving the truth of Harri’s words and encouraging me not to back away from conflict in the future.


It can be hard to see ourselves in a positive light, especially in a world where our strengths, as women, are frequently undermined or belittled, especially women’s earning power. However, Kamala Harris shows us that we are all lotus flowers with strong roots and beautiful blossoms that deserve celebrating.

We can be beautiful and strong at the same time. We can celebrate our roots as well as dying them. We can use our strengths to change the direction of our lives. We don’t need muscles to make us strong when our minds are already up to the task.

We already have the strength. Now we must embrace the truth.

Have you a story you’d like to share about a woman who inspired you in 2020 and how that advice will impact how you live in 2021? If so, reach out, and let’s salute women’s power!