11 “She Can” Top Tips For Confidence

Your confidence will waver from time to time. No, you will never feel 100% great about yourself all of the time. But, unfortunately, even the strongest of us will temporarily lose a bit of confidence due to life’s circumstances. The good news is, there are many tips for great confidence. Now, you have access to them.

Tips For Great Confidence

Building confidence when your self-esteem is low will take some time, granted. But rebuilding confidence may not take as long. Remember, when you’re strong with wavering confidence, all you need to do is tap into what’s already there, hiding behind a bit of negativity. The following tips for showing confidence will help you gain or get stronger. Just try them out.

Define Your Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? What talent do you have which defines you? What excites you? Finding your purpose or remembering that purpose is key. Of all tips to get your confidence back, this one is foundational.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Don’t try to be like others, be what you already are, and learn to bring those qualities up a few notches. When it comes to tips for confidence building, being unique is a huge part of this process. We can only be ourselves, no matter how hard we try to copy others.

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Positive people attract positive things. If you are a negative talker, you will find that positive people are less likely to attract you.

List Your Strengths

Then use your powers to overcome weaknesses. You don’t need to be the loudest, most direct, or wealthiest. You will have a skill that others need.

Fake It Till You Make It

If you google some of the world’s most influential people, you may read of their fear in confronting challenging situations. Even Margaret Thatcher spoke in one interview about her immense fear of weekly parliamentary meetings.

Take Action

Ideas don’t make things happen; action does. So make things happen in small increments then the momentum will begin to take up.

Take Pride In Your Appearance

Show you care about yourself as others may not respect you as much if you don’t claim your own self-respect.

Focus On The Positive

Failing forward is about looking for the lesson in every experience. But, unfortunately, any success I have had in my life has come from a series of failings.

Plan & Be Ready

Being prepared makes you feel at ease. You will be fluent in what you do, and others will sense that and have confidence in you.

Focus on Positive Body Language

Apologetic body language will tell others you don’t believe in you, so why should they? Practice shoulders back, upright posture, speak outwards slowly with a deeper tone. Fast speaking or a high tone conveys fear, and we want others to believe what we believe in.

Don’t Focus On The Top Of The Mountain – Focus On Each Small Step You Are Taking To Get There

Far too often, people focus on the end goal, the looming mountain above us. If that is what you visualize, you are already telling yourself this is far bigger than you. Instead, look at the mountain in 100 broken-down mini journeys. Each small daily journey is something to overcome. Keep the goal in your sight but focus on making today’s journey about bringing your best. Make sure you have your line of sight on the end goal, but your focus is today. By utilizing these strategies, you can show self-confidence tips and tricks to others who need them. After all, life is about spreading positivity and living your best, right.