12 Signs That Change is Needed in Your Life

At a certain point, it becomes obvious that change is needed in your life. There are 12 signs that indicate it’s time to make those changes and why it’s important.

Toxic habits

Your life should head in another direction if you notice toxic habits forming among your healthy ones. This can be and kind of addiction. To change your life, hence stop toxic habits, there are a few things you can do.
• First off, recognize that you have toxic habits. You can’t stop them if you can’t see them.
• Now, take note of what triggers those bad habits. Is it a person? Is it a situation?
• It could be that you’re influenced by toxic people or surroundings. If so, you may have to leave or cut these influences out of your life.
• Toxic habits can also come from past traumas. Forgiving someone for hurting you in the past can help you get rid of bad habits.

Loss of sleep

If insomnia has become a way of life for you, then change may be needed. So, why aren’t you sleeping? Well, there is usually a root reason. Even so, you can take steps to fix this.
• Get plenty of exercise during the day. Not only is it good for your physical health, but it helps wind down an overactive mind.
• Keep daytime naps to a minimum.
• Pay attention to what’s causing stress in your life. Address these issues.
• No heavy meals, caffeinated beverages, or television right before bed
• Try to go to bed at the same time every night
• Make the room dark, cool, and quiet.

Stuck in the past

It’s unmistakable that you need to change your life if your mind is stuck in the past. So, here’s how to do make changes. Use these steps.
• Examine what you think about the most from your past. If you’re missing good parts of the past, it may be that you’re currently unhappy.
• If you’re missing loved ones who are no longer living, you must understand that although you miss them, you cannot get them back.
• If you’re in a relationship and there are more bad times than good, you’re probably daydreaming about the past. You should re-evaluate things.
• Have you left a location you miss? Are you homesick? Your past, along with the happy times, could have also been a location you shouldn’t have left.
• There comes a time when you must make a choice. Whether its to change something about your life or let something from the past go.

Something’s missing

If you feel like something is missing in your life you must find out what this thing could be.
• Examine your inner beliefs, standards, and morals
• Be grateful and thankful for what you have and who you are
• Reconnect with yourself and what you want.
• Start making more mature connections in life. This promotes growth.

You’re not happy with yourself

Your life has got to change when your self-esteem is suffering. Something or someone has made you feel inferior. It could even be an inner conversation.
• Accept the fact that not everyone will like you
• You aren’t going to be attractive to everyone, and that’s okay
• Understand that you don’t know everything. Life is a learning process
• People might not see you as you know you are. That’s also okay.
• People sometimes insult others, and you cannot let it bother you. Be kind anyway.

A relationship just isn’t working

No matter how much you love someone, sometimes, it just doesn’t work. If you answer ‘no’ to more than three of these questions, your relationship is probably why you need change.
• “Can you trust each other?”
• “Are you honest with each other?”
• “Are you both loyal in the relationship?”
• “Is intimacy the same?”
• “Do you communicate in a healthy manner?”
• “Are you allowing space in the relationship?”

You’re always depressed

There is clinical depression, and then there is depression brought on my living the wrong life. Sometimes depression warns us that a change is needed.
• If you already take medication for depression, make sure you stay on top of that. This will reveal whether you need more changes in your life to help you cope.
• Again, analyze your relationships. Are you feeling depressed because of toxic relationships?
• Stay active, eat healthy foods, and exercise. These actions help alleviate depression symptoms.
• Make sure you have a support system, even if it’s only close friends.
• Evaluate your life and re-consider your dreams and goals

You’re experiencing severe panic attacks

If you’ve started having frequent panic attacks due to anxiety, there’s probably a new trigger in your life. This means a change is needed.
• Remember what happens right before the panic attack, if you can.
• If you cannot remember what triggered the attack, keep in mind who was with you. Are you alone? Is there always a certain person with you?
• Make sure you’re taking any anxiety medications prescribed to you.
• If you know what causes the attacks, make sure you confide in a friend, so you have support.

You’re burnt out

Sometimes a change is needed when you’re working too hard. Then again, maybe you need to do something new. Here’s how you can recharge.
• Slow down if you can, take a breather, and take a step back. Look at what you’ve accomplished.
• Take a day off and then return with a new perspective.
• Try something new, just for a little while, to refresh your mind and body.
• Then return to your work with a fresh and energetic attitude. This may just be the change you needed.

You’ve let yourself go

Have you noticed how you no longer get dressed up or go out? It could be that you aren’t paying enough attention to yourself.
• Take time to work out at least 15-30 minutes a day or go for a walk
• Comb your hair, put on moisturizer, and even paint your nails.
• Wear something nicer than pajamas even if you’re not leaving the house.
• Listen to music, dance, and even sing with the lyrics.
• In a nutshell, reconnect with the sexy you, the feminine yet powerful woman.

You’ve secluded yourself

Something happened that made you withdraw from society. Maybe it was so long ago that you don’t remember the catalyst. The point is, you’ve shut yourself away from others. So, here’s what you must do.
• Call your best friend. After being secluded for so long, you need to talk to someone you trust.
• Tell her what happened. Sometimes more than a few things add up over time, and therefore you hide away.
• Reach out, slowly, to other friends and let them help you heal from all the damage.
• Talk to a therapist about what’s happened. Here’s the good part about that. You can find a therapist online, so you can step out slowly.
• Go outside more often and put your bare feet on the ground. Reconnect with earth

People say you should change

No, others cannot change you. Only you can change yourself. But sometimes other people can see things about you that you cannot see. So, listen to them. Let your friends and family talk to you, and think about what they’ve said. When you’re alone, be honest with yourself. Do not deny your imperfections. In each of us, there is always room for change.
Do you need change in your life?
After reading through this list, you may understand the truth of your life. Now, you can change things as needed, while keeping the things that make you happy.