18 Habits To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Your past habits and decisions have determined your current situation. No matter how small of a habit, it will significantly affect your sense of self, wellbeing, and strength. We tend to overlook the impact of our behaviors. We see them as just a part of our everyday life.

Whatever it is, we can look at the answer to what we are doing. Uncovering the motives behind these actions enables us to understand these habits, which reinforces who we are. But the good news is we also can develop good habits which, no matter how small, can amount to an investment.

The key is to create a foundation of behaviors that your goals will seed themselves within. Listed below are some key ways to start in yourself and to change your life for the better.

Plan Your Day and Week

After you set your goals, it is essential to plan how you are going to achieve them. Goal-setting is the act of deciding your destination. Planning, on the other hand, is similar to determining how you are going to get there.

It is the route you are going to take to your destination. If you don’t, you will find yourself aimlessly wandering, using up valuable time and resources. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Practice Gratitude

When I was first introduced to this concept, I thought it was just woo-woo talk. But as it has turned out, it is the one habit that keeps my mind positive no matter what I face. I practice looking around myself each day and finding what makes me smile from the inside. I look at the difficult situations, sadness, and loss I experienced and discover what good came from them and value it, no matter how small of a blessing it may be. No matter what you face, you are indestructible because you cannot be destroyed with damaging force. List at least ten things each day you are grateful for.

Meditate and Practice Mindfulness

Spending as little as 10 minutes per day meditating will have a considerable impact. Science has shown that meditation and Mindfulness will improve your concentration, reduce stress, increase your happiness levels, slow aging, raise your self-awareness, make you healthier, promote stability, and improve your acceptance of others.

Be with People Who Let You Be Who You Are

Make sure you associate with people who make you feel good about yourself. Don’t be with people who speak negatively about others. Spend time with people who bring energy into the room, not take it out of the room if you are around people who don’t conform to your goals, start spending time with people who do. It doesn’t mean you are giving up on these old friends, but you are giving up on yourself if you conform to what they want you to be.

Set Big Life Goals & Set Daily Wins

Setting clear goals is like looking at a map and determining your eventual destination. It is much better than driving around aimlessly and hoping that you will reach a destination you like. It provides you with a clear focus and helps you decide how to spend your time. It makes decision-making much clearer. It also allows you to plan more effectively and attain excellent results each day. Congratulate yourself with the Win of today. This always reminds us that we are on track for our goal, even if it is just the smallest wins.

Practice Healthy Eating, Activities and Hobbies and Drink Less Alcohol

One exciting way to invest in yourself is by making an effort to engage in a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Plan to invest in your health today so you can wake up each day feeling good about yourself. Unhealthy food, alcohol, and lack of activity can lower your mood and overall sense of wellbeing. Whatever it is, nurture your body and invest in what makes you shine on the inside and out.

Sleep and Wake Up Earlier

Getting to bed earlier and rising earlier in the morning is a trait that many successful people have developed. It allows you to become more productive, enjoyenjoy quiet time, eats breakfast, avoids rushing, cut back on your commute time, exercise before starting your day, and have more energy.

Stop Procrastinating

When we complete tasks, there is a great sense of satisfaction. We procrastinate because we feel daunted by the event ahead of us, but ,notice how that feeling disappears once we start tackling. Once you develop the momentum, it will get easier as you go along.

Manage Your Time

Make an audit of how you generally spend your time each day to see if you prioritize correctly. Notice how much time you waste on social media or watching TV. Notice how you could have achieved three tasks in that one car journey. Create a schedule and plan how you can groups tasks together.

Develop a Routine

Developing a daily routine provides your life with structure and helps to make good habits automatic. Then we dont have to turn to willpower to keep us going.

Productive routine builds a framework to ensuring we get done, what needs to get done and establishes a firm set of practices to adhere to.

Invest Your Money

Once you have accumulated enough savings, it is essential to invest part in assets that you will appreciate. It could be as simple as an interest-bearing savings account or mutual fund. Investments that offer compounding interest add up quickly if you are in it for the long haul and start investing early.

Spend Money on Experiences Rather Than Stuff

Products only give us temporary satisfaction, but travel, adventure, charity, a self-improvement course, a concert, or play brings us a sense of fulfillment and achievement that lasts a lifetime. It also makes you more interesting and widens our perspective on life.

Challenge Yourself and Do Difficult Things

Don’t stay in your comfort zone. You will never find out who you are if you do. It may feel scary at the time, but the sense of confidence and accomplishment is highly fulfilling. Your discomfort is like your little sister that is stepping into a new zone. Comfort her and remind her that you will get familiar with this situation soon. Congratulate her for stepping out into the big wide world to be a bigger, better person.

Use Visualization to Affect Your Beliefs

Limiting beliefs have been ingrained in you, and, fortunately, they can be eradicated by replacing them with positive beliefs. Practice visualization and positive affirmations daily as often as you can, and you will be amazed at the authentic power it will unleash in you.


Forgiveness is actually better for your health. It frees up energy that can be better used elsewhere. You will be happier and have better relationships. Visualize yourself forgiving the person. Notice the burden lifted from you as you do this.

Stop Trying to Win the Approval of Others

Being a people pleaser makes the actions in your life about everyone else’s needs but yours. Of course, being accountable for our wrongful acts is important for your relationships, but try not to cross the line of making people happy at the expense of your own. This will leave you disoriented, questioning your sense of identity and purpose. Define what actions you need to take so you can be you and pursue your dreams and goals.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

Taking the time to dress well and groom yourself will make you happier and demonstrate discipline and organization. Make an effort to look after your skin, iron and match your clothes, comb your hair, practice proper hygiene, and refrain from slouching. Stand tall and feel good in who you are.

Love life that resides within you. Love the earth that you have a presence in as one day it will be gone. You are just a visitor, so just enjoy the view. Love what you are, and know that you are not your past mistakes. Avoid negative people, don’t look at what you don’t have but what you do have. Be grateful for everything you have and all the beautiful things that you are!