How To Be Credible At Work

How to Be Credible in Your Job 

The best way to be taken seriously at work is to take your work seriously. This can mean various things to different people, but some essential behaviors will add to your credibility and enable you to establish long-term professional relationships at work.

Stay Current

You may not feel you are an expert in your role (or anything else) but work hard to become very good at your role. Try and be knowledgeable and up-to-date about your industry, organization, and competition. What about current and relevant events? Making a habit of checking on recent innovations, competitive strategies regularly, and changes in your industry will demonstrate to others that you can always be relied on to have something worthwhile to say.

Admit Mistakes

Be honest with yourself and others if you don’t know something. You will establish trust if you make yourself fully accountable for your actions and any mistakes you make. If you do make a mistake, then own it. Show you are a person who doesn’t point the blame elsewhere or try to cover up mistakes. Take the necessary action to rectify your mistakes. The result will be that people will want to work with you and for you.


A consistent approach to how you behave at work will send the message that you serious about your career. You will be perceived as professional in all aspects of work; your actions, your communication, and who you are as a person. People will know what to expect from you and trust you because consistency demonstrates you are trustworthy and credible. So be consistent in how you dress, how you talk, your body language, and how you cope with pressure and stress. Consistency in all aspects of work builds a reputation for excellence.


If you are enthusiastic, honest, and genuine with others, you will be liked and respected. Resist the urge to get involved in either gossip or negative comments. Never speak bad of others. By being respectful of others, you will be respected in turn. People will know that theuy can trust you will not speak badly of them. An awareness of other people’s feelings requires commitment and dedication to be the best you can be. Sincerity and credibility go hand in hand with respect, so treat everyone with care because it will be noticed and valued. Let’s be honest here: all people deserve some respect, and showing respect earns credibility.


Look for solutions rather than spending time worrying about a problem. You will save yourself time and energy worrying and overanalyzing the problems. When we focus on our issues, we look backward rather than forwards and stay in a negative state with discomfort and anger. We get pulled down and demotivated. However, with a solution-focused mindset, we regain control of our emotions and take positive action to move forward. By taking this action, our moods are lifted, and we turn from negative to positive in thought and deed.


Be early for work and resist the urge to leave before everyone else. This simple act demonstrates that you care about your job and the organization and are respectful to your work colleagues. The alternative (arrive late and leave early) demonstrates the exact opposite.


Ask yourself a simple question: when you arrive at work, do you bring energy into the room, or do you need to feed off any energy already in the room? When I go to work, I always make a deliberate point of being happy, energetic, lively, upbeat, and glad to be there with a clear and resounding “Good Morning Everyone.” Again, this demonstrates that you care about the organization and want it to succeed. This positive attitude will not go unnoticed, and it is an effective way to become popular and memorable.


How do you know if you have made an impact at work? You don’t. However, ask yourself every day: “What did I achieve today?” Many people spend time at work without any noticeable achievements or recognizable progress. So always be genuine at work and do what you are paid to do, rather than pass the time. If you are a loyal employee and care about your job, you will gain credibility by performing effectively and consistently. By striving to impact positively, you will be considered a valuable, irreplaceable, and most of all, credible member of the organization.