How To Get Promotion As A Manager

Do you want to have control of your career and take the next step? Maybe you have thought about asking for a promotion but do not feel quite prepared, there isn’t an opening, or they will say no! Well, don’t despair because you can plan and lay the groundwork for when the time is right. This may mean altering your behavior and possibly attitude at work, but it will be worth it. You will be noticed positively.

Act Like A Leader

This involves doing your work efficiently, with a smile, and on time. Then look to help others with ideas, look for extra tasks, make suggestions, and understand the competition. Dress for the role with confidence and maintain a positive attitude even if stressed or pressured. Avoid unnecessary complaints or work-related moans. Don’t get drawn into office politics or take sides in a dispute at work. Rise above the petty aspects and focus on the big prize.

Be Visible

When you go to work, make it a habit to acknowledge people there, whether or not you know them. Say hello, smile, and maybe have a quick chat. People remember this and will notify you. When you are noticed, you will be in line with new challenges or team projects. It can feel difficult and awkward to “network” for many people, but this makes it a fairly safe and straightforward option. Without realizing it, you will build a network that needs nurturing and maintaining, so look for other opportunities, lunch, coffee breaks, or after work.

Build Rapport

Try and resist the urge to rush home at 5.30 but spend an extra 20/30 minutes checking all tasks are completed, the quality of your work, and then make sure you acknowledge others as they leave. It also helps being noticed if you say goodnight to your boss as they go, and you are still at your desk.

Be Available

Look for extra work and offer your help when possible. You will develop new skills, your network, your experience, and your profile. This will also allow you to share ideas and contribute a positive input valued by others, so don’t be shy when speaking up. Just make sure you don’t neglect your responsibilities.


Be mindful of your importance at work. “Act the role,” which means being the ultimate professional, consistent, observant, helpful, and positive role, model. Show consideration for others, offer help and support where possible, listen to them when they have something to say, and respond to show you have heard them.

Be Honest

Be upfront about what you can do and by when. If there is a delay or a missed deadline, be proactive and bring it into the open rather than hope it goes unnoticed. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes, and ensure you learn from them. You will then be perceived as reliable and trustworthy.


If you can support other people at work, this will be considered a leadership sign. The willingness to be helpful and supportive at work promotes good relationships, teamwork, enthusiasm, and collaboration. This will get you noticed, and if you maintain a positive and kind attitude, people will start to come to you for help and advice. It can be the first step to reaching the next level, a promotion. Demonstrate that you can work with others in various situations and work roles. In that case, you will also enhance your skills and experience, not to mention influence.