Make Your Professional Identity Have An Impact

When we make an impact, it is about leaving something about ourselves in the minds of others. It’s a presence. It’s your personal brand.

Personal impact makes a positive impression to inspire, influence, and motivate others into choice and action. You can make an impact, but it is about making the impact you want others to receive rather than let it happen accidentally. We have all had other people’s experiences, leaving a negative impact on us, so it is important to plan for the impact you want to make.

As a team leader, manager, or to be regarded as a key employee, you will bring significant value to your workplace if you make a positive impact. If you can motivate others, encourage teamwork amongst others, communicate effectively, and overcome conflict and bring positivity to situations, you will be highly valued.

If you present to a large group of individuals, you should fill the room with energy and enthusiasm, but this would be different for a 1-2-1 session, requiring a calmer style not to feel overwhelmed.

Interacting More Effectively With Others

Our personal and professional relationships are shaped by communication. Sometimes we need to check in on ourselves and see where we need to refine our communication skills. For example, maybe to be more assertive, because we like to be agreeable and please others, because the impact we leave may be too passive. Alternatively, maybe we need to be less confrontational and direct because we are considered too aggressive. Both scenarios would mean we would most likely not be taken seriously.

Influencing The Workplace

Influence is one of the most effective ways to get our point across, be valued and listened to, but it takes time. Building influence is one of the hardest parts of developing our personal impact. It requires the confidence for effective communication, matched with knowledge within our field, and can understand business goals, restraints and processes before blending this with our own opinion. We shouldn’t take this skill lightly!

To build influence, we need to be confident. We can build confidence from knowing as much about our work as possible and its relation to the wider business. The research will help – learn what we can about the business and how our work contributions help drastically improve our confidence. We understand our purpose and how we can make that important impact that we crave. Being reliable helps us to build our influence too. When those around us know, they can rely on us to deliver well and on time, they are confident in our ability. Additionally, reliability within your field of expertise builds influence. Our colleagues know who to come to for advice when matters arise to help/deal with.

Top Tips

There is a complex mix of techniques for making an impact. Every person is different. It is about bringing your strengths to the forefront if you feel less confident presenting a powerful speech. Use other strengths such as troubleshooting, information gathering, or staying calm when others are not impacted. Maybe it’s not a public presentation, but in a meeting or via group emails. The reality is there is a complex mix that allows a person to make the impact they want.

Here Are Some Ideas And Tips:

Know What You Want

Be clear about what the purpose of any encounter is. Ensure you have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve by the end of the conversation. First, think about what interests and motivations the other person has. Then, consider how you may meet this need.


If you want to present yourself well, the most important thing to do is plan and plan some more. Know exactly how you are going to start, the various stages and, make sure you’ve thought about it in advance, structured your material, worked out what you want to say, practiced it out loud, taken care to produce any backup literature to take with you and, most importantly, prepared yourself, so that you are relaxed, focused, energetic, sensitive and self-expressive.

Dress Appropriately

Don’t let your appearance get in the way of building a constructive relationship with others. Instead, dress with care to demonstrate that you value yourself, flair, and fully express yourself, yet be aware of what is appropriate to the situation: care, flair, and awareness.

Personal Feedback

Get some feedback from friends on how you come across it. Of course, you are always the arbiter as to what is useful and what isn’t. But if the opinion is unanimous that you would be more effective if you changed something about your appearance, manner, or delivery, it might be worth paying attention to.


Making an impact is all about building relationships with others. First impressions are important, but lasting impressions are vital. And these come from both parties feeling they’ve really met. This demands an ability to get on with a wide range of people. So, don’t bother judging or condemning others – be curious about them instead.

Build Rapport

Make sure your attention is on other people rather than on yourself. Be a ‘magnet’ and attract their attention. How? Gain attention by being attentive, become interesting by being interested, be understood by seeking to understand, and make an impact by being ready to respond.


Create the right mix of ingredients with others so that something special can happen. Respond creatively to their ideas and suggestions. See if you can leave the conversation having produced something new between you.

Be Yourself

Most important of all, don’t try and be anyone else. Instead, express your own distinctive mix of qualities that are authentically you.