Recognize This One Emotion As The Key to Your Success

The term vulnerable most commonly is perceived as a weakness. Someone who is vulnerable is thought of as a victim, unable to protect themselves. However, Vulnerability is at the core of our emotions. We all have feelings of sadness, fear, guilt, or rejection, so to expose those would make us feel vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is the path to genuine deep intimacy. You have no guard or boundaries and share the deepest parts of yourself with others. If you ask yourself the following question “Vulnerability is…You will most likely find it is surrounded by the thoughts of your feelings being exposed in a raw way. So Vulnerability most likely is about your core truth. Being vulnerable would mean you are opening yourself up, which would mean finding the courage to do so.

Consider if you were around people who shared their feelings from their core. How authentic would we be? How much baggage would we shed if we weren’t trying to hide our core feelings but instead operated from our core? How much deeper would our relationships be?

Falling in love is the ultimate test of Vulnerability. This is at the place where we will be almost certainly hurt and where we have to be our authentic selves to succeed. But this also applies to your dreams and goals for the future. In my career working with people who seek their dreams, I have found it interesting that they wish for the most is what they fear the most. When I ask them to envision and describe their dream goal, they begin with a list of glowing images of triumph and liberation of all their talents. Yet within minutes comes the ‘what if’s, I might fail, I might look foolish, I might lose my home, and I would be a bad mother. This is when they start to think of all the things that may go wrong and how they will plummet to the ground with significant failure. This is because your dream goal expresses all that you are from your core. In essence, it is the real you and all your talents being exposed to the real world. This image of the best version of you puts us in a vulnerable place because we think of what will happen if we put all of ourselves out there and it is rejected? The image of our success brings about great danger as we fear being exposed and rejected in such a raw way.

Vulnerability plays itself out in all situations in your life. We don’t share our ideas in a meeting for fear of being mocked or judged. We chop our own wings down as women with ambition in fear of being judged as bad mothers. We stay in toxic relationships in fear of the pain of what will happen if we leave. The question I have for you is this

Is it the judgments of others the reason why you are afraid or your own feelings of Vulnerability which you fear?
We can listen to the success stories of others, but when they share their Vulnerability, we are able to relate and connect? We can think to ourselves, Great, they are not superhuman but just one of us really! We tend to warm to people who share their truths because our inner depth connects with them. They are not distanced from us but instead one of us, with the same feelings! When we have the confirmation that our feelings and needs are valid, we feel less alone when we hear others share the same too. It also shows us to be accountable to ourselves. It is far too easy to place the source of our troubles on others, but when we get in touch with our deepest core, we realize the source of our troubles is not in other people but our interpretations and expectations of them.
Your core is which holds your all your truths and all your talents. So when it comes to your goal in life that you have dreamed of for years, I leave you with this question to reflect upon.

Are you limiting yourself because you are afraid of what events may happen, or are you limiting yourself because of what you may feel?