Success And Happiness Are Not The Same Thing!

The most popular formula for success and happiness that’s guaranteed to fail is ‘When I have (insert success), I will be happy. But, unfortunately, it will most likely fail because one doesn’t always bring the other.

Why Success Won’t Make You Happy

We focus on success, but many of us confuse success for happiness and consider them the same. Whilst defining your goals for 2021, ask yourself this question: ‘How will this goal make me feel?’ You may feel a greater sense of value, but what will that value achieve for you?

You may agree that you seek your goal to develop yourself for the better and improve your life quality for yourself and your loved ones but ask yourself on a deeper level. Are you filling a void or gap within yourself? Will this goal make you feel better about yourself because you struggle to accept the way you are now? Do you believe that achieving this goal will change this lack of acceptance in yourself? Do you understand the difference between success and happiness?

What Is Success?

The interesting secret I have learned as I have worked alongside many people in different countries and different career status is most share one underlying feeling. This is the ‘I don’t feel good enough’ feeling. I want to become more successful to achieve A, B & C, and achieving this goal will make me successful, and then I will be happy.

What Is Happiness?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I successful but not happy?” It is important to define what we really mean by happiness. Happiness is defined as being pleased, delighted, or glad. Happiness is about expressing emotions that, to our observations, are good or pleasing. But we look at happiness as something to be gained through family, friends, learning, marriage, relationships, power, achievement, belongings, etc.

But how often have you sought for these things, and then somehow this happiness begins to lose its shine? Then, finally, you arrived at the goal and ended up wanting more! That is because we must seek fulfillment, not just Happiness.

Success Or Happiness – What Is More Important?

Think about which criteria you use to evaluate yourself. It may be through something like your bank account, relationships, belongings, or fitness. Ask yourself if these things make you feel fulfilled?

I have a memory that I refer back to in my life when I need to keep myself in check. I was living an affluent lifestyle with more luxuries than I could wish for. It was a glorious sunny day, and as I sat on a private beach being served a refreshing iced cocktail, I was miserable with my life, and I had been for some time.

Within the next two years that followed my good fortune, I had lost everything.  I was cornered into taking a low-paid teaching job, and within weeks I was on top of the world. Happier than I had been for years. I felt truly complete.

I had awoken the fulfillment I lacked inside those years before. I was being challenged, busy, and respected for my work, bringing real value to the students I taught. I was not unhappy in those days of affluence because I lacked meaning and purpose in my life. Instead, I was in what I named my ‘Purpose Poverty.’ I was having happy success thoughts, and this made the difference.

Have A Happy Future Success

I am not suggesting we throw away our fortunes to find happiness, but fulfillment is intrinsic, and it cannot be found in extrinsic things. Fulfillment is defined as ‘the state or quality of being fully realized.”

Too often, we often cloud success as happiness, but ask yourself, do the criteria you measure your success on actually make you feel fulfilled?

Success is a benchmark for performance and attainment. It’s the end goal. I had foolishly benchmarked success as living a luxurious lifestyle and assumed happiness would come from that, but it didn’t. Fulfillment is about feeling enriched by your life.

Your goals are more likely to be sustainably upheld if you choose a path that makes you feel fulfilled.

The success of achieving the goals will be the icing on the cake because you will be doing what you love each day. Moreover, by being fulfilled, you will likely have an unlimited resource of boundless passion for the activities you partake in. That is the stuff success is made from.

How you personally define success and how you personally define happiness is entirely up to you. But recognize the difference. I will tell you a secret that may change your life forever. Success is happy. Try it out and see how it works for you.