Team Management

Organizations are powered by teams: groups of people with a shared identity, complementary skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively. As a leader, you can create immense value by knowing how to build and lead teams in ways that maximize their creativity and performance.

Learn how to...

Gather the right people around a compelling mission and help them move quickly to performing at full speed

Boost collaboration by coaching team members to listen, empathize, and get comfortable with feedback

Enhance your team’s productivity without causing burnout

Help team members resolve conflict and debate and disagree productively

Support your team through transitions, including changes in direction, arrivals and departures of members, and disbanding

Improve your team’s performance by setting motivating goals, defining performance metrics, and fostering accountability


Set Your Team Up for Success
14 minutes

Strengthen Team Collaboration
15 minutes

Achieve More of What Matters as a Team
16 minutes

Lead Your Team Through Conflict
13 minutes

Navigate Team Transitions
13 minutes

Measure and Boost Team Performance
15 minutes


Test your understanding and reinforce what you’ve learned
10 minutes

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