What Do You Know About Your Power?

There are endless walls that stand our way. We can talk about equal opportunities and inequalities that exist, not just in our gender but also within race, culture, sexuality, and economic status.

These walls are deeply rooted in norms and attitudes. But we cannot wait for the cumbersome institutionalized giants to progress in their ways. We need to stop trying to fit in, do what we think we ought to, be less than what we are so we fit into the tiny space in others’ minds. Living this way, you will not be who you are but how those limited minds want you to be. You must know your own power.

Do You Know Your Own Power?

You can’t pour an empty cup. You are not giving up or neglecting others just by giving yourself the time to develop. Your loved ones will benefit from you being the best version of yourself.

You may well be judged and rejected by pursuing your goals, but that is not because you aren’t worthy. It’s because you don’t meet within the mindset of the judger. You have the choice between wanting to fit into acceptance or being as big and magnificent as you are inside.

Ask yourself which path will lead me to the greatest fulfillment? Is it more important for me to fulfill the expectations in other people’s minds or live out all that I am inside?

Too often, the term ’empowerment for women’ is used. By habitual default, I occasionally use this term myself. But empowerment refers to someone else giving you the power. But we can’t wait for a world to give us power. You do not need to be empowered; you need to learn to use your power. Using your power is about feeling you have the power to do what you want and control what happens to you. It is about your feeling; you can express all that you are.

It is fuel to make your own decisions and have control of your life. It is your belief in yourself that will keep your tank fuelled.

It is about you having the responsibility for the actions you take.

It’s about your belief that you can be all that you are and live this out every day in a purposeful, meaningful way.

What Will It Look Like When I Use My Power? 

What is female power? You will recognize the sense of power when you take positive and proactive action to achieve your set goals and standards. You won’t be looking to the outside world for empowerment, but the power sits within you. It is a wonderfully uplifting feeling that will have an impact on your wellbeing, both physical and mental.

You will feel energetic, healthy, and ready for more of life’s challenges. You will be more decisive, more confident, and develop greater self-awareness with some reflection in your thought processes. This is what your power will look like.


To grow mentally and emotionally, find some quality space and time in your busy life to review what you have overcome and achieved so far:

What are you satisfied with?

What would you like to be different?

What else do you need to know?

How can you best learn and increase your level of skills and knowledge? What is the power of words?

What opportunities can you find that will increase your development and self-confidence and, as a result, experience genuine and valuable mental growth?

Chose at least one path you want to take. Set an achievable and realistic goal that can be short-term, and go for it. Stay positive and focused, and you can face your goals with calm, serenity, and fortitude. This is what your power will look like.


Achieving even one minor goal that you identified and worked towards will enhance your self-worth and enable you to appreciate the power of a positive mindset. Use this feeling to achieve further goals. Remember this powerful mental state whenever you face challenges in life, and things will find a way of working out to your benefit.


Self-confidence is the belief you can do anything, that mistakes are ok, you will not give up on yourself. Every time you experience a daily win, achieve a goal, or take control of your thoughts and actions, your confidence will continue to grow. It’s about more than women; power heals. Power takes back all that was stolen and stacks those blocks of confidence much higher than before.


A sense of being unfulfilled in any aspect of life can be the trigger for change. The ability to welcome change as an opportunity rather than something to be feared is also empowerment. You are free to make changes in any way you desire. Remember that we all have dreams we wish were true. It is your choice and your entitlement as a woman to follow it. Women also have conviction, follow dreams, and face difficult decisions. Women instigate change in all dimensions of life.

Women and power: it’s a mind-blowing ideal. Most change is daunting because it is unfamiliar. But the desired altered state is what you wish to achieve, so staying where you are can worsen. Trust you! You have overcome adversity before, and this will build your courage muscles. Your inner conviction to the commitment to who. You are your own north star.

What Is Woman Power?

Remember, you are a smart, strong woman who can set her agenda and achieve her goals in life. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to be smart. I taught in University for years, and academia is only a small part of success; attitude takes people to success. You don’t have to wear a suit to be successful, nor do you have to be accepted by the people in the suits to be successful. The strongest people I have met are those who have climbed from the depths of adversity. They have true grit and fortitude, which prepares them for greatness.

If you are ready to use your power, you can help other women and men feel the same. Find someone to support emotionally, professionally, or spiritually, and inspire them to move forward as independent, confident people, just like you.

That is what your power will look like