What Makes You A Strong Independent Woman?

What Does A Strong Independent Woman Look Like?

We all know what a strong independent woman looks like. She walks into a room and radiates a beauty that has little bearing on her appearance. We are drawn to her magnetic nature, but what is that special thing she has? It’s more about something on the inside than the outside.

Being a strong independent woman doesn’t mean she is a hard rock that needs no intimacy.  On the contrary, this means she knows who she is and what she wants, and how to get it. Deep within each one of us is a well of extraordinary gifts and talents just waiting to get out. This is the independent woman in you., the foundation of who you really are inside.

The Ingredients Which Make A Strong Independent Woman.

She determines who she is herself.

She does not seek attention nor approval from others. She only approves of herself.

She doesn’t rely on the compliments or approval of others to shore up her self-esteem.

She stands up for herself and others. Yet, she works for something far bigger than herself.

She isn’t waiting for other people to decide for her. She gets on and does it anyway.

She uses her pain for her power and strives to learn how to renew and adapt herself to any situation.

She does things alone and with others. She isn’t going to wait for someone else when she wants to do it. She will make it anyway.

She looks to herself when things need to be achieved.

She doesn’t look to someone else to make it happen for her because she can make it happen herself.

She isn’t afraid to work hard to get what she wants.

She isn’t waiting for the knight to save her because she already saved herself.

She knows what she wants and that she is more than capable of getting it herself.

She doesn’t wait for others to get things done. When she sees it needs doing, she gets on and does it.

When she has a problem, she decides and doesn’t wait for someone to fix it for her.

She takes care of her finances and doesn’t need someone else to make her world happen.

She stands in her own right.

She isn’t disturbed by the critical comments of others but brushes them off as she knows they have little bearing on her.

She doesn’t give much time to social media because she is too busy making things happen.

She stands firm within her boundaries, so she doesn’t need to be angry or harsh because she already claims respect for herself.

She talks about the solution, not the problem.

She doesn’t waste her time complaining but spends her time being proactive and innovative.

She doesn’t have time for excuses. She just wants to see the results.

She doesn’t listen to the naysayers and only seeks to be all that she knows she is.

She stays calm and in control and doesn’t get pulled into group gossip.

She is too busy making things happen to be heavily involved in social media.

She doesn’t care for small talk and gossip, nor spends her time comparing herself to others. Instead, she submerges herself in a world of what really matters.

She lives with vision and purpose.

She is committed to what she loves doing, she knows her purpose, her days are filled with meaning, and she knows exactly where she is heading.

She has opinions, and she isn’t afraid to express them, even if she is the only one with that view.

Even when she is in pain, she finds a way to move forward regardless.

She doesn’t let walls stand in her way. Instead, she finds a way around them so she can carry on with her purpose.

She inspires, just by being who she is

She isn’t afraid to call you out of you fall out of line.

She is self-motivated.

She doesn’t need to be led or told to do something.

She finds initiative, and if she doesn’t know, she finds ways to learn.

She generates energy and enthusiasm. She brings energy into the room and avoids those who take energy from the room.

She inspires others with her dynamic can-do charisma


As women, we have been taught that you must be there for others to be a whole woman. Your boundaries may well be immersed in the lives of others as a carer, mother, daughter, partner, or employee. This doesn’t mean you have failed as an independent woman; more you were taught if you weren’t defined in these roles as ‘another person’s someone,’ you had failed. Notice how being independent is about clearly setting your boundaries and paying attention to what sits inside your realm rather than what’s outside that brings negativity in.  Focus on enhancing the parts of your life which enable you to be all that you are and removing those which take away from all your potential