Why Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?

Historically, men are used to protecting and providing for women. Family and work traditions have varied between different cultures and generations; however, men and women’s roles used to be quite clear. Work, money, family, home, children all had their allocated champions. But not anymore!

Are Men Intimidated By Me?

As a result of many changes in cultures, attitudes, and legislation, things have moved on. For the better? Definitely!

In London, one of the most progressive and cosmopolitan cities globally, up until only 30 years ago, there were very few female General Managers in my industry. Now the figure is approximately 30% female and 70% male. I suppose that could be considered progress, but why is the total not higher?

Are women not as capable or as intelligent? I don’t think so; Rather, I feel it is because some industries are predominantly masculine and, possibly, a feeling of fear of confident, independent, strong-willed women. Could it be? Are men intimidated by me, a woman?

Why are some industries reluctant to admit that women are just as capable, if not more so? The Finance Industry, I.T., Hospitality, the Armed Forces are still largely male-dominated. Of course, there are exceptions to this, with many examples of equality in the world of business. However, the Glass Ceiling still exists regardless of what the law states, and this grey area of equality extends into personal and professional life.

Why Are Men Intimidated By Women? My Perceptions From 50 Years Of Life And Work Experience:

  • Women are just as good, if not better, than men at many things. Get over it!
  • There is an old joke about women being “deep” and men being “macho.” Well, I think there is still some life left in that viewpoint.
  • Women think things through. Men react to things.
  • Men are more concerned about their egos than women.
  • Men feel that confident; independent women are intimidating. Women think confident; independent men are cool.
  • Men are insecure and can have self-esteem issues if they do not feel like high achievers. If a woman is successful, she is viewed as intimidating because she is (probably) out of his league, adding to his insecurity.
  • The lesser-enlightened man wants to feel comfortable and relaxed with a woman, not challenged.
  • Women understand men better than they understand themselves.
  • Men think they understand women, but women know differently.
  • Men are afraid of female competition at work; women draw energy from it.
  • Women learn from past experiences, especially mistakes. Men repeat them.
  • Women are more rational in relationships.
  • Only women start a sentence with “We need to talk….”
  • Women face conflict better than men.
  • If a woman has a good idea, men feel intimidated and think they should have thought of it.
  • Women are better at making (smarter) decisions than men.
  • Women read people better and can understand both sides of a dispute. Men don’t and can’t.
  • Women want men to be better; men want women to be sexier.
  • Men who want to be successful at work are called ambitious; women are called aggressive.
  • Men with an opinion are perceived as strong personalities; women with an opinion are thought of as intimidating.

So, men: if you find successful women intimidating, ask yourself why men are intimidated by independent women? Is it a result of unconscious bias? If you are in a position of power, how confident and secure are you? Are men intimidated by successful women?

Men Intimidated By Strong Women

Do you hold stereotypical views of gender or race, or age? Successful men and women display a level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness to control feelings of insecurity and intimidation. Celebrate success and be happy for successful people, whatever their gender. It’s liberating!