Feeling like you have been processed through a learning mill does not bring out our potential. After many years teaching in business school and corporate training it became apparent that learners of all backgrounds and all abilities could achieve far beyond their own expectations when they felt understood, free to make mistakes and connected with their subject. In my view, that is a teachers role, but often many don’t receive that and personalized toition comes at a price.

With an remarkable group of professors, leaders and experts I have set out to bring you affordable and accessble learning while also putting a focus on creating and maintaining personal relationships with everyone we work with. We strive to ensure we have a deeper understanding of your growth needs and circumstances and have built our model so you get the knowledge you need, but you also have an affordable source of support and guidance with us when you need it. My hope is that what we have created helps you reach your own success. Nicola Mann

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What Does Online Learning Offer?

For $79 Per Month you can study all of our courses, or just one. You can study at your own pace and cancel anytime. With all our online packages you will have be provided with videos, additional reading and the workbooks and practical guides to help you put your learning into real world practice. You will also have access to seminars held by professors, consultants and experts.

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What Is A Personal Consultant? Is it Expensive?

For $349 Per Month you will have all the benefits of unlimited access to all courses and you will also receive three hours of expert led guidance with your personal consultant. We work with professionals who share our values. They are consultants in industry, professors and expert coaches. Your consultant will provide effective solutions to the problems which bother you the most and guide you with the actions you need to take to reach your goals. This is very effective if you need to tackle those big professional or leadership challenges or you feel limited by your own skills, habits or thinking.

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What Are Task Force Workshops?

We periodically hold Task force Workshops to assist our members with particular performance related challenges. These vary from holding a stronger leadership presensence, to getting noticed for promotion or working with difficult people or boosting team performance. If you are interested in attending one of our workshops or would like us to hold a workshop for you and your work team please schedule a chat with us on the link below.

What Is The Leadership & Performance Clinic?

For $199 The Hallmark Leadership Clinic is a quick and affordable way to troubleshoot your career or leadership problems. Maybe you can’t understand why productivity is low, why there is a high level of absenteeism or why your employees don’t perceive you as an influential leader or maybe you are just unsure how to handle a difficult employee. Whatever your leadership or management challenge, we are here to help.

Similar to health or mechanical diagnostic, we initially diagnose your performance symptoms. You will initially submit a free assessment, so we understand the nature of your problem and the source.

We then will hold an appointment. During this time we will highlight a list of causes, blindspots, solutions and advice. If you wish, you may choose to schedule further appointments for more in depth advice or set up a personal consultancy program as an ongoing more affordable option.

How It Works

Your case is unique, depending on the breadth and depth of the problem. Appointments are 90 minutes. We focus on solutions which vary depending on the depth, breadth and complexity of the problem which you face.

We guarantee you will complete the first session equipped with a detailed action based solution to your problem.  Larger organizational problems may require detailed analysis, but our initial assessment will explain what you require.

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