Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything. People productivity needs to look at the people themselves, and the system that they work within. Most people don’t work in isolation. They work in complex organizations defined by interdependencies among people. It’s often these interdependencies that have the greatest effect on personal productivity.

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Learn a variety of problem-solving methods and strategies to plan, monitor, and rectify performance

A problem is the distance between how things currently are and how they should be. Problem-solving forms the bridge’ between these two elements.
A company’s productive success depends on managerial problem solvers. Issues arrive in all sizes, ranging from daily nuisances to organizational crises

Managers who can systematically think through the facts, diagnose the situation, and find an accurate and workable solution will help the business thrive and prosper.

Effective problem-solvers are able to guide teams towards the achievement of goals by eliminating frustration, confusion, and misunderstandings before they become unmanageable.

They build cooperation and collaboration between individuals, eliminate the need for rework, and foster continuous improvement.

Skill You Will Learn

People Management
Active Listening
Question Technique
Problem Solving

Topics Covered

People & Productivity
Problem Solving
Planning and Monitoring work
Performance Management
Performance Troubleshooting

How Will The Overcoming People Productivity Problems Help Me Succeed As A Leader?

This course aims to develop you as a leader with keen insight. You will the human performance system to identify performance problems and learn a variety of problem-solving methods and strategies to plan, monitor, and rectify performance.

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Understand how the environment can influence performance.
  • Know how to solve productivity problems by exploring the P.A.I.D method of problem-solving and the creative techniques used to identify the nature of a problem.
  • You will learn the six key steps to improve your ability to plan and monitor individual and team performance and develop effective turn-around strategies for when things go wrong.
  • Apply practical methods to increase workplace productivity
  • Use feedback effectively to ensure tasks are completed on time without compromising quality.

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