Your impact is your brand message that you want to send out to the world. It is what you want to be known for. It is a variety of skills that make a presence, but it also is about bringing your passions and values to the forefront. It is about what makes you unique and collectively refining those for the best version of you.

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What Impression Do You Think You Make?

Have you ever admired someone just by the way they walk across the room? You likely admire their presence than just their appearance. You know this person is aware who she is, what she wants, and precisely where she is going. She is confident, credible and robust. She is someone that is going to get the job done. She has what we call personal impact.

When you walk in the room, what do you want to believe about yourself? What do you do better than anyone else?
What do people come to you for? What impression do you make?

Personal impact is as much a set of values and state of mind and bringing this to the forefront of your purpose and your delivery.

Skill You Will Learn

Interpersonal Skills

Topics Covered

Self Limiting Beliefs & Habits
Values & Purpose – Where Are You Serving From
What It Takes To Make An Impact
Acting From Your Passions
Delivering From Your Authority
Communicate With Rapport & Credibility

How will The Personal Impact Course Help Me To Succeed?

This course is a makeover from the inside It equips you with a greater awareness and commitment to personal excellence.

It will help you define your purpose and focus and bring it to the forefront of your delivery. You will learn how positive thinking can change your experiences and you will learn simple techniques to enhance communication and influence others.

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Define What thoughts and feelings are holding you back from your success.
  • Recognize the role of positive thinking and apply daily techniques to maintain a positive outlook.
  • Understand How ‘Where Your Serving From’ Impacts on yourself, your success and your relationship with others.
  • Understand how your values and purpose influence your direction and success.
  • Consistently act with purpose, principles, and values so your actions are well focused and fulfilling.
  • Apply a range of tools to think, feel and speak with impact and influence.
  • Develop effective relationships by knowing how to maintain effective communications.
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