3 Reasons To Welcome Hunger When You Are Losing Weight

How We Gain Weight

Weight gain happens because we eat more than our body requires fuel. When you are overweight, you have more fuel available to you in the form of stored fat. The way to release this fat is to allow your body to get a little hungry and eat in! Yes, I mean use the fat stored on your body for energy.

You may have gone a bit unconscious about your own hunger signals telling you when you are hungry or satisfied. You may work on a routine that works for you and your daily grind. You may even throw in the odd treat or burst of energy when you feel low energy. You may mistake this for physical hunger.

Do You Avoid Hunger?

You may have generated a fear of hunger, causing you to have an endless supply of snacks thrown into your bag in fear of getting caught out without something to eat. You are not to blame; we have been taught to snack as a society, which has not helped our waistlines.

But true physical hunger is not an emergency, and we feel the sensation in our stomachs. It comes and goes in waves. Hunger is also generated by thoughts that we think. Thoughts like ‘I need some energy’ or ‘I deserve a treat.’ This is a more urgent feeling. This is not a true physical sensation of hunger.

So, try to recognize where your hunger comes from over the next week. Don’t be scared to feel it. The reasons to welcome hunger below may add to your compelling reason to give it a try.

Being a little bit hungry enables your body to release fat for fuel, which equals weight loss.

Eating more than your body needs for fuel, eating when you are not hungry, causes weight gain.

Your body will require less fuel as you lose weight, so listen to your hunger signals to know when you are satisfied to ensure sustainable weight loss.

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