Be Kind To Yourself When Losing Weight

Imagine your best friend is trying to lose weight; you’d be supportive and non-judgemental, as well as encouraging. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, there is a plan that should be followed, and the key point is that you need to remain kind to yourself.

When starting to lose weight, begin to make smaller changes and tweaks in the way you cook, eat, shop, and choose foods—especially choosing foods to keep you fuller longer and make you feel satisfied. This will encourage and motivate you to stick to your new lifestyle change. If you’re strict with yourself, you’ll become disheartened and bored. As with any change, overnight changes rarely remain sustainable, but if you look at the change as a process rather than one step, you will ease into the changes over time, and this approach has more staying power.

Loving and accepting your body while wanting to become healthier doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Think of your weight in the context of your overall wellbeing. Widen your focus to more than just the numbers that show on the scale, the way your clothes fit, and what you see in the mirror. Look at it as your health, your wellbeing, your lifestyle.

Create an Inspiring Goal

It doesn’t have to be related to weight loss; this can be any goal or dream you have in your life. Something as simple as taking yourself out on a nature walk can be a goal.

It’s not always about your BMI, clothes that perfectly fit, or the numbers on the scale. Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with these goals; if that’s what motivates you, then go for it. The goal is for you to be a healthier version of yourself. It is there to guide you through the moments when you overindulge or have more fatty foods than you should be having. When you grab that second packet of crisps or the digestive biscuits, ask yourself, ‘What am I doing? What and I am doing it? Where is it taking me?

Start Afresh 

Maybe you’ve had lots of weight loss attempts, and they just haven’t been as good as you thought they would be when you first began. If this is the case, then don’t beat yourself up. You didn’t fail; failure implies an ending of some sort. I once spoke with a dear friend battling with weight loss. I asked her why she was overweight, and her answer was about the type of food she ate. When I asked why she ate that type of food, she explained it was because she was bored and the food lifted her mood. Food became her stimulus to take her through her boredom. Look at your mistakes as a lesson. What did it tell you about you? What feelings brought you to it? What can you do to change the feelings? List what you could do to improve those feelings. Like many things in life, weight loss journeys are on a trial and error basis, and often our weight resides in our minds, not our bodies.

Compliment Yourself Every Day

You can never compliment yourself enough times in the day. If you sit back and remember the good things you do and what you’re good at, this will put you in a great mindset overall, and it’s great for your body and keep you motivated to move forward positively. During a leadership seminar, I attended the coach asked a lady rather directly what she was overweight. She spoke with strength and will explain she was hiding away inside. She didn’t like herself, so the weight was a way to cover herself up. Starting by looking at what is amazing about you is a powerful tool for weight loss.

Pay Attention to What You Eat

The problem with bad foods is that we eat them when we’re sad and depressed. Without giving a detailed explanation of what stimulus sugar, fat, and alcohol does to our brain, we are ultimately feeding our emotions. So, take care if you feel down, lonely or sad and try to think about what you are or about to eat. Snacks are a temporary sensation, but the fulfillment is short-lived. Consider what would make you feel more fulfilled. These are rarely found in anything temporary.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Be kind to yourself and recognize even the smallest of achievements; it’s still a win. If you feel bad about yourself, you are more likely to indulge. If you feel good and happy or excited about your journey, the weight loss journey is yours for the taking.