How To Stop Eating Sugary Snacks

Why Do You Snack?

When it comes to weight loss, your brain may have the urge to move back to its old familiar patterns. You may find yourself reaching for the sweet sugary snacks fuelled by thoughts like, ‘this will get me through to dinner time’ or, ‘I need a quick fix to give me energy.’

You may even feel the overwhelming desire to grab a sugary snack when you feel the stress rise over that pending ‘to-do list’ that seems to have increased now the children have gone back to school. Or the pressure to keep up with the mountain of work emails, washing, and endless what’s app groups.

Please don’t beat yourself up; we have been conditioned to use food to feel better. But over-snacking makes you put on weight when you eat more than your body requires fuel, leaving you feeling worse physically and mentally.

We have been conditioned that snacking is good for us. We have been conditioned to eat when we are not hungry. But snacking is not useful in weight loss. There is so much new research to suggest it is one reason for the average weight gain in the Western World.

Tips to Stop Eating Sugary Snacks

Plan Your Snacks

Plan 24 hours in advance when you will snack and what you will snack on. Write in your phone or on a sticky note in the cupboard, whatever works. Making these decisions ahead of time gives your brain a deliberate focus and puts the part of your brain looking out for your weight loss goal in charge.

Change Your Snack Up

Why not swap your planned sugary snacks for something with less sugar, such as a piece of fruit, carrots, hummus, or some nuts? If it feels like too much to do this for a whole week, then do it for a couple of days in the week and see what comes up for you. You may like to cut one of the sugary snacks out for one or two days in the week to experience the hunger signals.

Do You Really Need A Snack?

Decide if you are physically hungry when you are reaching for the sugary snacks. If not, don’t cancel on yourself and your weight loss goal. There is no need to fear Hunger—experiment with feeling a little bit of it this week.

Are You Sure You Are Hungry?

Practice the thought Hunger is not an emergency. You can definitely be hungry and still function as normal. Think about times when you were so engaged in an activity that you forgot to eat. What happened? Presumably, you just ate something when you realized you were hungry, right? I am not asking you to starve yourself; I am asking you to experiment in reducing your snacks and tuning into your body’s hunger signals.

Weight loss is only eating what your body requires for fuel. So, start to tune into your hunger signals to know when you need fuel. If you have questions or comments on this article, email me at Or if you want to find out more on my 10 week program to put the brakes on your emotional eating then click HERE.

Have a beautiful day.