Secrets To Enjoy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Can Be Enjoyable

Let’s face it, so many of us don’t look forward to weight loss. We might see it as ‘hard’ or be skeptical about whether it will work this time. But weight loss can be enjoyable if you know the secrets to enjoy weight loss. The enjoyable part is building the relationship you have with yourself. It’s like building any new relationship based on love – it feels amazing.

When you are ready to commit to losing weight, you might see the success as long term, whether we lose weight or don’t. I am encouraging you to ‘move the goalposts and think about other things that can constitute success in the short term. Successes that include following through on yourself and what you say you will do, improving the way you speak to yourself, and recognizing your goals and what you want in life are also important.

Punishing yourself with diets and calling your body names when you exercise is tiring (and a little expensive) and will not last. Coming from a place of kindness and developing trust to follow through on yourself does last. It helps you continue to make small decisions toward weight loss. Decisions you take because you care about your future self because you are worth it and completely deserving of your ideal weight.

So How Do You Do You Enjoy Weight Loss?

Be Kind

Speak to yourself in a kind voice, one that you would use with your best friend. Don’t call yourself names. Come up with an endearing name for yourself.

Be Assertive

Follow through yourself by politely saying ‘No thank you when you would normally eat something someone offers you that you really don’t want. Their feelings are NOT more important than yours. In fact, many of my clients find it is a ‘non-event’ when they say, ‘No thank you. You may need to practice ‘No thank you’ in the mirror a few times so you do not look creepy and weird. People offer you things from a place of love; they may keep trying, so love yourself more and be brave and bold with your ‘No thank you’.

Be Compassionate

Have compassion toward yourself if you make a mistake. You are a human with a human brain, and we all make mistakes. Have compassion for that. Learn from your mistake. What could you do differently next time to get a different result? Remember, judging and berating yourself only leads to the chocolate cookie or favorite feel better food.

Be Grateful

Thank yourself for the actions you take for yourself during the day. We are very quick to judge ourselves on what we didn’t get done or did badly in a day. Making this a scheduled daily practice is amazing. Perhaps around the dinner table as family practice or just before bed in a journal. This will not only help you enjoy weight loss, but enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with feeling loved.

Be Positive

Drop the sentence in your head that says, ‘This is hard’. Instead, be open to believing you can do this. What is the alternative? Staying where you are? Taking action for yourself feels so much better. And for the days when it doesn’t, focus on the good decisions you are making for yourself and decide how you will make today better than yesterday.

So don’t choose the hard road to release the fat on your body. Choose to enjoy weight loss by learning and applying all the secrets to enjoy weight loss.

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Have a beautiful day.