Sugar And Fatigue – 5 Tips To Give You More Energy

A Quick Fix

One of the biggest reasons many of my clients have found it difficult to lose weight is that they feel the need for a quick sugar fix to help them beat the dips in energy that they encounter during the day. The fatigue sets in due to a full schedule of work, children, household chores, dinner prep, forgetting to drink water during the day, and disturbed or minimal sleep. They often see sugar and fatigue as a useful strategy.

But here is the interesting thing… that handful of cookies, or an extra teaspoon of sugar you are putting into your coffee or tea, could very well be the likely culprit to the rolling waves of high and low energy you experience during your day. The very reason you experience fatigue. I have many clients who have reported that after the first four weeks of reducing sugar in their diet, they have more consistent energy throughout the day and an improved emotional mood.

Sugar And Fatigue

Sugar itself has an unnatural reaction in the body. It gives you a thirty-to-sixty-minute burst of energy followed by a low. This creates a vicious cycle of you desiring more.

Eating more sugar has also been linked to disturbed sleep. A 2016 study showed people who have diets high in sugar tend to sleep less deeply and display more restlessness at night. Less sleep equals more fatigue. It is a Catch 22 with sugar and fatigue.

So, if you want to improve your energy levels’ consistency and avoid those lows that you may have only put down to leading a busy life, and to lose or maintain your weight, experiment with a few of them below.

Stay Hydrated During The Day

Try having a bottle of water by your main workspace. Try some herbal tea if you want some flavor, or pop a lime or lemon wedge in your water. Too much caffeine in the day can affect your sleep. Hydration and weight loss will give you the opposite effect of sugar and fatigue. You will feel better.

Get More Sleep

Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep for weight loss. Experiment by going to bed earlier a few times in the week. You will thank yourself further down the track, as you don’t find yourself rummaging around the kitchen cupboards for that packet of biscuits to have with your coffee the next day.

Reduce The Amount Of Sugar

Instead, eat more whole foods like vegetables, nuts, fruit, a protein found in meat, dairy, eggs, and beans. Whole food is a fancy way of saying foods in their pure form, not processed or refined. Making small changes each week to your current patterns can often be more sustainable. Less sugar more energy.

Experience The Discomfort

If you reduce sugar slowly, you should not experience the withdrawals from going cold turkey, but you may experience sneaky thoughts that you have about sugar and fatigue. Thoughts like ‘This will get me through the day’ or ‘I deserve this’. Question your thought and have a mantra ready for when you spot this thought.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise can mean going for a walk or a home workout. Exercise can improve stress levels which may have had you reaching for the biscuit tin in the first place. Improving stress levels helps improve sleep. Doing what we perceive to be hard things for our health really does build the relationship you have to follow through on yourself.

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Have a beautiful day.