Things To Do Instead Of Emotional Eating When You Are Confused

Decision Making 

It is estimated that we make 35,000 decisions a day. No wonder sometimes we get it wrong. In this article, I wanted to share some pearls of wisdom about things to do instead of emotional eating when you are confused. It comes from some enlightenment I had after painting my house on the weekend. What does painting have in common with emotional eating, weight loss and decision making you ask? More than you would think!

Stress and Overeating

This weekend I got stuck in indecision choosing colored paint, which left me taking no action and feeling stressed. My past pattern would be to escape the feeling of stress by trying to feel better. How do you like to feel better? My favorite way used to be to grab a chocolate bar for that instant hit of dopamine. Thankfully, I am onto myself most of the time with stress and overeating. I want to share how you can be, too.

When writing this, we are in the middle of the painting and moving into a new house in a new country. Throw the kids’ cricket matches in there, and we had quite a dynamic weekend – I refuse to use the word busy, and I will share why in a future article. I was not paying the same attention to my thoughts and felt the discomfort.

My husband, the ‘Doer,’ and I chose paint colors for our lounge on the weekend. We diligently went to the hardware store, chose some paint pots, splattered them on the wall, and sat and watched paint dry. My brain went through a medley of indecision. I spotted myself saying ‘I am not sure’ and second-guessing myself. Now, this is unusual for me, as I have been through a period of intentionally taking ‘I don’t know, or ‘I am unsure’ out of my vocabulary because it adds to stress and overeating. It leaves me reaching for the chocolate or sugar fix.

Decision Fatigue Examples and Definition

But this weekend, I was not on my game, and these unhelpful thoughts were leaving me feeling confused. Confusion is holding two or more opposing thoughts at the same time and not making a decision. This leads to decision fatigue. The kind you get when you can’t decide what you should do just if the decision is the wrong one. It’s like standing in front of the cereal aisle, not knowing whether to choose breakfast cereal with berries or with nuts. It is tiring and wastes time. It also creates stress, anxiety and stress overeating. 

Now, if you are an emotional eater, staying in indecision can see you reaching for the cookie jar or the donut aisle if you are on the way out of the supermarket. It can lead to weight gain and sabotage your weight loss goal.

Things to do Instead of Emotional Eating When You Are Confused 

  1. Watch yourself saying I don’t know, or I am unsure.
  2. Don’t judge yourself for indecision. It is often a pattern that your brain is used to. It can be rewired.
  3. Consciously decide and back yourself that it is the right one, and don’t look back.

Whichever decision you make, there will be positives and negatives for both – thinking that there is a right or a wrong decision is not helpful.

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Oh, and if you are wondering, I decided on the paint; I now need to sell it to my husband.

Have a beautiful week.