Why And How To Stop Hating Your Body

A Weight Loss Journey

There are two reasons people enter into a weight loss goal. One way is that you decide that you need to take care of yourself and spend more time on yourself. However, the more common version is… that you are disappointed in yourself for getting to this point, and you need to punish yourself by getting your butt kicked by a PT or starve yourself skinny. However, this is not a long term solution. So let’s dive in to a more successful route and share why and how to stop hating your body.

When you choose to lose weight because you are disappointed with yourself for getting to this point, you are more likely to experience deprivation. You may use sheer willpower to eat foods you don’t particularly enjoy and flog yourself at the gym doing something you really hate, repeating a mantra like ‘you fatty, you need to lose weight’.

Willpower and Weight Loss

The problem with willpower and weight loss is the willpower to maintain this regime is finite. You can deal with the punishment for only so long before revisiting those old thoughts of ‘This is too hard’ ‘I’m not important’, or ‘I am not capable.’ And you go back to old patterns of a person who does not think they are worthy of putting in effort for themselves.

We think that willpower will enable us to eat only lettuce, but at some point, willpower runs out. And if your relationship with yourself is one of disgust or lack of trust to follow through on yourself, then guess what? You give up on yourself, ‘it’s too hard, and you reinforce the thought ‘I am not capable.’

But weight loss does not have to be ‘really hard if you choose to commit to taking care of yourself. When my clients start to improve their relationship with themselves through planning, making healthier choices, and choosing exercise that they enjoy, then weight loss is a by-product of the improved relationship they have built with themselves.

How To Lose Weight and Go On a Self Love Journey

Take LOVING Action For Yourself

Loving action for yourself looks like honoring yourself and your commitment to follow your plan. As tempting as it can be to ditch the exercise you have planned if someone says ‘coffee?’, don’t cancel on yourself. That coffee can be organized for another time. Show yourself you are willing to do hard things for you and your health because you are worth it.

Don’t Plan Food You Hate

This is a punishment. Plan food that you will enjoy will give you even energy throughout the day and help you lose weight. Cut back on the sugar and flour but don’t do it in a way where you feel deprived. Make small changes that will lead to a new routine that will get you to lose weight.

Have Your Own Back

It is a new routine; you will stumble and sometimes fail. Don’t punish yourself. Failure is learning. Discover patterns. What caused you to overeat? What can you do differently next time?

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