Why Make Exercise A Habit When Losing Weight

It can be difficult to exercise a habit when you’re already concentrating on other things to help your weight loss journey. There are so many tasks to juggle, and sometimes, exercise is at the bottom of the pile. Most people prefer to and become more motivated to exercise in the summer.

There are so many reasons why you should make exercise a habit when you’re losing weight, such as:

It Helps You Sleep

Making time for exercise during the day will rejuvenate your entire body and make you feel more awake. Then, when it comes to bedtime, your body and mind will be tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter if you exercise in the morning, afternoon, or evening; it will all work the same way. Exercising will give your body a good enough reason to get to sleep, and you’ll more than likely have a better night’s sleep after a workout than you would if you haven’t exercised all day. There is also a sleep and weight loss relationship which means you are far less likely to reach for that sugary snack when you have had the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

Relieves Stress

Exercising releases endorphins which act as a natural stress reliever. So, exercise works wonders for your body and mind and can make you forget about any worries you have going on at the moment. If you are an emotional eater, and combine stress and overeating, this can be a great tool to use instead of reaching for that sugary snack to escape the stress. Whether you’re going to the gym or doing a yoga class, endorphins help make your brain feel better. Exercise works as meditation, but you’re in motion instead of sitting still in a quiet room.

Planning Helps To Build Trust In Yourself

Get yourself a little planner and personalize it, so it motivates you even before you open it, whether you cover it with quotes or affirmations. > Then, make sure you schedule your exercise daily. Things change every day; some plans might be added, some might be taken away, so it’s best that if at the end of every day, you sit down and go through your plans before adding in your exercise. The goal here is consistency not perfection, so if you don’t follow the plan to a ‘T’, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep going.

Once you’ve added a plan, you’ll be more inclined to follow it and stick to it. Things can take 21 days to become a habit. So, if you stick to exercising even for 10 minutes every day, in 21 days, this will be nothing to you, and you’ll have a habit that you won’t be able to let go of.

So make exercise a habit when you are losing weight, not just because it does help weight loss, but because compliments so many other parts of your life. Remember, not to get caught up in the type of exercise, experiment and make it fun so that you will be motivated to carry on.