10 Good Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business

Do you want to work for somebody else until you retire? While there may be reasons that go against this idea, there are many more reasons why you should take the plunge.

Why I should start my own business?

There are many reasons to start your own business but here are just 10 reasons to get you started.

You’re the boss

You call the shots. You get to decide when to start work and when to stop. You also get to decide which days of the week you want to work. While some people work during the week, there are those that rather work on the weekends or at night which can fit around family commitments.It all depends on your line of work. While you do make the final decision you still have to adhere to customer requirements. Customers essentially become your boss as you need to meet their deadlines and expectations to stay in business, but in the end you call the shots.

You can do what you love

When coming up with ideas to start your own business, focus on what you love. When you do what you are passionate about, difficulties are easier to overcome and each day flies by faster as you will be. Do remember that it is most importnat to find a gap in the market. While you may enjoy creating decorative edibles not everybody wants to buy sugary snacks, consider where you will find the customers that do and how you may adapt styles, tastes and choices in product lines meet with customer needs. Dont assume because you love your idea, and your family and freinds tell you its great everyone else will like it too. Fine tune what you love doing.

Job security

When starting your own business, job security will feel more stable in some regard and shakier in others. Dont assume money will start flowing in day after day, as it takes time for a business to grow. However, you don’t have to worry about being fired as you’re the boss. The decisions are much in your hands.

Work where you want

If you work online, you can take care of business from anywhere. Even if there isn’t any Wi-Fi available, you can use a hotspot connected by Bluetooth from your smartphone. You don’t have to sit and stare at the same office view all day every day. You can enjoy different scenery, and even travel the globe whilst you conduct your business.


Working for a company that cares about you, your talent and your growth is very fulfilling. But sometimes we just want something more, maybe to define a career path on our own terms, and some of us just want to leave our jobs. Job fulfillmnet comes from being engaged with your work, and feeling a sense of belonging a purpose. Starting your own business will likely bring this if you puruse your passion. Its important to pursue a business idea that you truly understand the pitfalls and difficulties. They are always many bad days! Difficult customers, unreliable suppliers, poor performing employees, and unpaid invoices to name just a few. If you are fulfilled it will outweigh the difficulties. You will find the energy to tackle the tough days more easily. While there will be many tough days, the enjoyment of doing what you love and getting to live out and express all that you are in your work every day will make it worth it.

Might help others

Providing work for others has difficulties but a loy of satisfaction too. Helping customers improve their lives in some way by what you do is immensely satisfying. When we see the ripples of the effect of the work we do effect others in positive ways, it doesnt just bring value to us finacially but also with a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives.

Financial Autonomy

Owning your own company often means everyone gets paid before you do. Employees and suppiers must be paid, but you can take a salary too. Be mindful that company profits and your salary are different aspects of accounting. Its imporatant to speak with an accountant so that you clearly undersatnd the principles of managing your accounts and stock, but determining how money may be assigned is within your own control.

Meet people

Networking is a large part of owning your own company. The greatest thing I love about owning my own company is I meet people who are passionate about the same things I am. There are endless social opportunities and learning opportunities which come from owning a business, especially when you endevour to meet people who are also aiming to advance in their industry. It’s important to never stop growing yourself and always aim to improve your business. The opportunities owning your own business is a wonderful journey to take.

Adaptable deadlines

Deadlines are always there, especially when you work for yourself. I have more deadlines as a business owner, because I coordinate several team members each reliant on the other finishing theirs – customers also have deadlines. You must be mindful that convenience and efficiency dominates in todays market. If a competitor can do it faster than you may lose the customer. However, customers dont just seek speed. Customers seek an experience that delivers quality and assurance too. Have you taken a flight with an airline that makes you feel processed, you were just a passenger nothing more? Compare it with an airline that made you feel important and valued. They were happy to give you time, they were interseted in ensuring you were cared for and your needs were fulfilled. You will recognise they may not deliver all services with haste but focus on delivering quality. Your business deadlines can adapt to the service you want to deliver.

Flexibility of Schedulebr />

One of the best reasons why you should start your own business is because you can work the hours that suit you. This doesn’t mean you wont work long hours, but with competition in mind, you can adapt your schedule to suit the needs and demands of your lifestyle. I am familar with many business owners who employ general managers and take more of a directors role with their business. They sometimes direct by being present only a couple of days a week, or manage matters via online communications. A new start up requires several years of on-hand work, but once established a business owner can take a step back to on the day to day. What a great thought that is!

Your own business: it’s waiting for you
There are pros and cons to everything, but consider what is worse for you. Doing it and failing along the way, or not doing it at all?