10 Simple Ways to Get Motivated to Make Your Dreams Come True

When it comes to living your dream life, it takes strong willpower to get motivated. Goals may seem far away, so you think you have plenty of time.

I’d wager that we all have dreams, even the smallest of goals. Well, to make these dreams come true, we must learn a few ways to get motivated. It’s time to push yourself off that symbolic ledge!

Get motivated to fulfill dreams

Maybe you have a dream of owning your own business, or maybe just publishing a book. Well, to make these things happen, you must move on to these ideas. Here are a few tricks, tips, and simple ways to make your dreams come true.

Leave your comfort zone

Learning how to find motivation takes power. Living in your comfort zone doesn’t require much power, now does it? So, here’s what you do. Instead of being negative and thinking you’ll never get published, start sending out manuscripts to publishers. If you’re still working at that 9-5 job, try building your own business in your free time by designing your webpage or selling your products at markets. Yes, you might get tired, but over time, you could be able to quit your day job and have your own business. If you have long-term dreams like these, get up and get uncomfortable for a while.

Create a plan

Dreams often come true when you’re motivated with a plan. To get started, grab a notebook and start writing down all the steps you need to make to reach your goal. If your goal is to become a fine artist, maybe a painter, then start by jotting down all the materials you’ll need to get started. Do research about the prices of these materials, and then purchase brushes, paints, and other items as you can. Take notes about any local art classes and visit these places to learn the details. Plan each step so that you can reach the goal you’ve set out for yourself. Making a plan and following the steps consistently works for any dreams you may have.

Place notes all over your home

IF you have big dreams and little motivation, that’s okay. Try placing little notes of inspiration around your house. Put these on sticky notes in case you want to move them around. Write uplifting, motivational, and famous quotes on these little notes. Each time you see them, it will remind you of your goal and give you that little tickly of excitement inside.

Take a nap/get enough sleep

While this may seem silly, it’s not. Sometimes lack of motivation comes from burnout from the day before. Procrastination sets in right after you’ve pushed yourself too far. So, stop, take a nap, and then wake refreshed. Also, make sure your sleep routine is the same each night providing plenty of rest. Being rested creates more motivation. Remember, set the alarm so you don’t oversleep.

The accountability partner

One way to get motivated like never before is to have an accountability partner. This is a friend or acquaintance who doesn’t mind calling you, texting you, or coming by to make sure you’re getting things done. No, they’re not there to beat you up, they’re in the picture to remind you that your dreams are important. Find someone positive, so negativity won’t distract either of you.

Look at your progress

If you’re halfway or a quarter of the way to your dreams, then take a quick look back. No, don’t dwell on the past, just see how far you’ve come. When you see all the good things you’ve done to get this far, then you know you can get even farther. Look at old notes, old videos, and remember milestones from the past. This will boost you to make even more progress towards the future.

Stop comparisons

Are you about to mention how successful Marsha is compared to where you are? Well, just don’t. You need to focus on yourself and that alone, when it comes to your personal dreams. Being motivated means you have to stop comparing yourself to others. You have to see yourself as an individual at a different stage in life. You don’t know what negative aspects Marsha lives with, so comparisons are ridiculous. Here’s how to stop: When you get ready to compare yourself, get away from the person you admire too much. Look in the mirror and talk about your successful ventures and achievements. Just look at you.

Know your purpose

Learning how to get motivated to fulfill your dreams means knowing your purpose in life. You cannot reach goals with no clear focus. What do you want? Where is it located? Why do you want this thing? When you can answer these questions with no doubt, then there’s your purpose. Try several things you like and see which one makes you feel the more satisfied. This will weed out your purpose.

Appreciate criticism

When you’re being criticized, no those are not motivational words, but they could be. That’s the key. When you stop getting angry at negative words written in your comments, on reviews of your books, or any other place, you will know how to appreciate these words. So what if someone says, “Your book is terrible.” You cannot let this stop you from writing another one. Just understand that your work may not be to the taste of everyone, and that’s okay. Appreciate all criticisms, learn from them, and move on.

Spend time with the right people

Always strive to spend your time around people who are either more intelligent, closer to their dreams, or filled with positivity. Being motivated is being pushed by people who’ve done what you want to do. Read their books, take a look at their business models, and listen to their positive words. You’ll come away with a different outlook.

Did this help you?

After reading these tips and ways to make your dream happen, do you feel any closer to the goals in your life? I hope so. Just learn to keep your head up, ignoring insensitive insults and those who want to bring you down. Focus instead on a more positive road to success. I promise you will make it if you don’t give up. Motivate yourself and get rid of all the procrastination. You’ll thank me later.