10 Women Who Will Inspire You to Never Quit

As powerful women, we need positive influence to never give up! Here are 10 inspirational women and why they are so important as role models.

Coco Chanel

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

Gabrielle Chanel empowered women through fashion. She eliminated the craze for corsets, making women feel less restricted. She believed women should wear what makes them feel most comfortable and confident.

She added androgynous details to her designs, removing the idea that women must be feminine. This is reflected in Chanel’s shoulder strap handbags and tailored women’s suits. Women should dress however they please whether it’s in a dress or a suit.

She also wanted women to dress for themselves. Chanel didn’t want the opinion of others to matter when it came to what women wore. Avoid criticism when it comes to fashion. A powerful woman wears what she wants, unless, of course, there’s a dress code.

Simone Biles
Talking with PEOPLE magazine about young women and inspiration

Overcoming obstacles for women is huge. Simone Biles, an Olympic athlete, competes and wins, despite a diagnosis of ADHD. So, no matter what condition attempts to rob you of glory, use inspiration to keep moving forward.

In the past, men dominated the sport’s world. Simone is showing how women can turn the tide. Be determined, practice, and never let failure get in the way.

After being blasted by a hater, criticizing Biles for partying for a year, she came back strong.

“Talk to me when you train for 14 years and earn 6 Olympic medals. My year off is well-deserved”
-Simone Biles

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean)

-Los Angeles magazine examines Marilyn Monroe as a feminist
“I’d like to be known as a real actress and human being, but listen, there’s nothing wrong with glamour either”

Marilyn Monroe was indeed a feminist in the 1950s. She was ahead of her time, as she refused to be labeled. Her message to other women is, to refuse to be pigeonholed. Women don’t be categorized as one type of woman. You can enjoy several ways of living.

She encouraged young women to fight for their beliefs. Stand up for yourself. Be strong and resilient. There is more to women than beauty.

Rosa Parks

-The Your Story website talks about the mother of the Civil Rights Movement
“I’m tired of being treated like a second-class citizen.”

Parks inspired thousands of people; women included. As a black woman, she refused to be treated any less than another. Women should never allow mistreatment to go uncontested. Stand up for your basic rights as a human being.

Women have the power to trigger social reformation. Sometimes, powerful, yet risky moves affect great change for women. Be that woman.

When standing up for your rights as a woman, no matter what color you are, remain consistent. Although things may seem the same, consistently standing up for the basic rights of a human being will bring success.

Sarah Jessica Parker

-Speaking with Good Morning American about misogynistic talk
“Wow, so it’s either you’re 35 or you’re retired and living in Florida”

Parker sees the double standard in the world today, especially where aging is concerned. Aging men, that’s distinguished, aging women, not so much. Keep speaking about this unfair comparison, display your beauty, either naturally or whatever makes you feel beautiful. But do this without the pressure of that bias.

Sarah J Parker inspires women because she went from rags to riches. Her family supported her all the way to the top. Always appreciate those who support you while striving for better.

Greta Thunberg
-Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, twice
“School Strike for Climate”
-Greta’s sign of protest outside of the Swedish Parliament

Although young, gathering attention at the age of 17, Greta Thunberg proved you can affect change at most any age. She is an inspiration to other women who strive for change but don’t know how to get started. It’s apparent in Thunberg’s actions: Just do what you think you must.

Be persistent in your actions and be consistent with your message. These are two cornerstones of Thunberg’s movement.

Thunberg proved that women can be heard around the world. Develop a strong voice, with conviction, and you can change the world, even the environment.

Jessica Cox

-Women’s World shares the story of Jessica Cox
“You don’t need arms to life people”

Born without arms, Cox still managed to get a degree in psychology, receive a pilot’s license, and earn a black belt in American Taekwondo. There’s an inspiration in these achievements alone. Chase your dreams and don’t stop until you attain them.

A strong lesson resides in overcoming obstacles. Cox surpassed the obstacles of learning how to function in an altered way. Don’t see differences as disabilities, but instead as something to overcome. Go further than that! See your differences as having an edge on life. Even celebrate those differences by earning more achievements.

Princess Diana

-Harpers Bizarre remembers this iconic woman
“Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can”

Diana used her fame in order to raise awareness of the suffering in the world. When women realize the edge they have in life, no matter what area that may be, they can use it to help others.

Power is influence. It wasn’t just about Princess Diana’s popularity, but about the royalty she represented. Women in power have influence. This influence is inspirational. Use this influence, help the needy, and find your own purpose in other areas.

When a woman like Diana reaches out beyond stereotypes to provide help for illnesses such as HIV, she teaches tolerance and kindness. Keep battling stigma attached to illnesses and disorders. It builds purpose and a renewed determination to keep moving forward.

Michelle Obama

-former first lady of the U.S. was featured on CNBC Make It, where she spoke to young girls
“It’s OK not to know who you are or exactly what you want to be.”

Obama says that it’s okay if women don’t have all the answers, especially young girls. Women should take the time to get to know themselves instead.

There will be insecurities. Face these insecure areas of yourself and learn to overcome them at your own pace. Michelle Obama talks about this in her New York Times best-selling book, Becoming.

Michelle Obama is an inspiration to women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. She tells women to be proud of their culture. If you face bigotry, racism, know that it’s born of ignorance. Educate.

Jane Austen
The World Academy of Art and Science examines the character of Jane Austen
“I wish, as well as everybody else to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, in my own way”

Jane Austen was ahead of her time. She was a feminist 150 years ago. What can we learn from her? We should not settle, as women were supposed to do in her time.

We can also be inspired to marry for love if we marry at all. Jane Austen turned down several proposals, some from wealthy individuals. Austen had no interest in living off someone else’s gain. Women of today shouldn’t do this either. However…

Austen became a successful author, meaning she never gave up. While most women were fitting into a mold of what society wanted them to be, she was breaking that mold. Women should always strive to break the mold, creating something new and thus, inspiration for other women too.