How To Casually Power Dress While WFH & Office

In the wake of a pandemic, inevitable decline has taken hold – but with it has come new beginnings. Creative entrepreneurship has blossomed as our workplaces have diversified from the office to the home. But how do we balance this informality of home-based working while maintaining some element of professional attire, all while not looking like we are trying too hard?

Movies have often portrayed the hard-faced female boss, who seemed devoid of any emotion. She was characterised as the only woman who was capable of influence was one who was distinctly unlikable. Dressing for success does not have to be complicated or masculated. We have closely associated power as a male force, so the power suit aligned itself to the masculine character. But all these stiff-style dramatics aren’t necessary to look powerful. The character of power is reshaping itself. We don’t need to be dominant, powerful, but instead be autonomous, confident, and convicted in who we are.

It’s about wearing what makes you feel confident and centered, not about trying to convince others you are through your attire. Power dressing equals confidence and allows you to express yourself in the art of the clothes you wear. There are ways we can subtly display strength, credibility and authority while balancing both an informal and formal style.

That authority can be a double-breasted blazer with an elongated silhouette and pair of heels that command authority. Or simply challenging the traditional norms of femininity— with menswear suiting cut with a softer shape, structural details and played against fluid silhouettes.

The Basic Rules of Powerful Dress Are As Follows:

Dress Like You Care

Be well-groomed and pay attention to the details. When it looks as though you have thrown something on without much thought, it gives the impression that you live your life in the same manner. Equally, looking too overly made up and pristine can also appear as though you are too focused on appearance. Balance a dynamic style with what you feel good wearing.

Dress Suitably

What we wear for a lunch meeting at a bank would differ for a creative arts studio. While I don’t advocate being molded into something we are not, we must not distract from the purpose if we want to influence others.

Avoid Showing Too Much Skin

It’s sad but true; women who show too much skin are perceived as less competent than their counterparts.

Be Well-Groomed

Check your nails, skin, teeth, hair, and press your clothes. Even if you don’t notice, others will.

Pay Attention To Fit

Even expensive clothes do not look good if they don’t fit. Perfectly fit clothes should flatter your shape.

Maintain Your Style

Don’t try to be like someone else, but reflect your character. You have to be comfortable in your clothes and feel like you can be yourself.

Here Are A Few Of Our Favourite Casual Power Styles:

Tailored Clothing And Straight Lines

Feeling powerful means wearing a style that fits you perfectly – it means a tailored wardrobe to compliment your unique and beautiful frame. Tailored dresses and pants, in ambitious colors, speak of a royal heart. Straight lines and pinstripes can flatter curves while looking professional. With styles made to fit and delicate-lined tailored vests, a woman can be gentle and autonomous at the same time.

Blazer and Jeans

Simply throwing on a blazer with your jeans can instantly elevate your style and can make a humble pair of jeans either office-appropriate or ready for drinks after work.

The Black Leather Jacket

This piece of clothing is both a style on its own and an accessory. Nothing says powerful quite like a black leather jacket, paired with a more formal shirt or dress. Both heels and boots complete this strong look and project a bold image, but paired with slightly more formal attire balances both the relaxed but ready for a business look.

Leather styles

Nobody will see a woman as weak when she’s wearing a pair of leather-style pants. For an evening with work colleagues, a bright white shirt brings a sophisticated, energized but relaxed look

Casual and Relaxed Fit

Nothing says power quite like a confident outfit. A Long comfortable but well fitted dress with heels or a relaxed, smart shirt with skinny trousers balances the comfort but for style.

Times have changed. Trying to look powerful or feel powerful are two different things. If you ‘try to appear something, it shows! If you feel powerful, it shows and glows from the inside. Dress for what is right for you and makes you feel strong. I love to hike mountains, it makes me feel like I can conquer the world, so I wear my hiking boots to work from home most days. When it isn’t appropriate, I wear stiletto-heeled boots because it’s the next best thing that makes me feel centered, I stand firmly upright, nor am I trying to be anything, just me. Most importantly, to find clothes that present a professional image but make you feel strong from the inside.