How to Look Good Without Makeup

There’s nothing wrong with putting on a bit of lipstick or mascara to look good, but you can also look good without makeup as well.

Society trains us as women to think the only way to look our best is by applying all sorts of foundations, highlighters, mascara, and lipsticks, but we’ve been duped. Our self-esteem is damaged from thinking our natural beauty isn’t enough, but the truth is, it’s plenty.

Natural Beauty

There’s nothing quite as magical as natural beauty, a woman who feels proud to look the way she does. Without layer after layer of suffocating tinted creams and powders, women learn how to look good without makeup. But to so many young girls and women, reaching this realization isn’t easy. It takes time to be proud of your organic beauty, like a bit of skin and facial maintenance. Here are a few things that can help you appreciate your natural beauty.

Smile More Often

I’m starting with a simple and obvious way to look beautiful. Although life can give us plenty to frown about, it’s important to keep pushing the corners of our mouths out into a smile. Yes, it’s hard, and maybe you must fake it until you make it, but you will make it. With practicing positivity, you will learn to let the small things roll off your back and keep smiling. Smiling lights up your face and makes you beautiful with no makeup at all.

Whiten Your Teeth

Speaking of smiling, your teeth play a big part in how this looks. If your teeth are badly stained, this also affects the way you look. To improve your natural beauty, consider whitening your teeth. You can buy many products over the counter that can improve your smile, whitening your teeth by several levels. Pair those pearly whites with a big smile, and you will be a charmer. Oh, and don’t forget to get those yearly teeth cleanings available at your dentist.


Since your hair frames your face, it plays a large part in your facial beauty. Many celebs without makeup have the most beautiful shiny hair. This is because they’ve discovered the best shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in oil treatments available. Yes, they have more money and can visit salons quite often too. But you can do similar things to improve the look of your hair.

There are many ways. Get a new haircut, change the color, use natural conditioners like honey or aloe, depending on the texture of your mane. Research ways to improve your hair health, which will teach you another way to look good without makeup.

Get Sleep/Consistently

Your sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. A good night’s sleep, at the same time every night, will drastically improve your health. And guess what, it will also make you look better too. No makeup is necessary when you’re on a healthy sleep rhythm. You wake each morning feeling refreshed with bright eyes and clear skin due to apple amount of rest from the previous day’s responsibilities. Try it out, and you will see.

Your Diet

The food you eat can also control how you look. If you’re always eating processed and greasy foods, your skin will suffer. This can lead to breakouts, rashes, and just overly oily shiny skin. Many people use makeup to cover up these imperfections when they could change their diet. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of greens, proteins, omega 3s, and many other healthy foods and vitamins will improve your skin and make you incredibly and naturally beautiful. Don’t forget to add plenty of vitamin E, the powerhouse of skin health.

Your Color Wheel

I attended fashion classes in college, where I learned about the color wheel. This is basically learning which seasonal colors are complementary to your skin tone. While some women look amazing in winter colors, they may look pale and washed out in spring hues. It’s important to find out which colors are friendly to your skin tone. When you discover your seasonal colors, your looks will change so much. You will have a gorgeous, no-makeup look.

Don’t Forget The Eyebrows

You would be amazed by how you look when taking care of your brows instead of just letting them grow wild. Even when you wear makeup when you deal with your eyebrows, whether it’s shaping or coloring in the gaps, you make a complete difference in the way you look. But the good news is, you can maintain your brows without make-up. If they’re too thin, try thickening them with a mixture of vitamin A and castor oil. This helps them grow. Until they’ve grown out some, maybe add a tiny bit of color with henna. This small tweak makes a world of difference.

Skin Care

Never forget to take care of your skin properly. Using scrubs to slough away dead skin to moisturizing, is all part of learning how to look good without makeup. Most importantly, it’s something you should always do for the health of your skin. You’ll want to ward off the signs of aging for as long as possible as well, right ladies?

Naturally Beautiful Women

Following these steps from day to day can create devastatingly beautiful women. No, you don’t need those long fake lashes and fingernails to be a gorgeous and sexy woman. All it takes is deciding to try a natural approach sometimes. While I’m not saying makeup is bad, I think we women need a break from the pressure of putting on lipstick and mascara every day. In fact, not only will you realize your real beauty, but you will also learn how to take care of your health as well. So, what do you say? Are we ready to be a natural beauty?