How to Motivate Yourself – 15 Ways to Get Going

It’s not always easy to get going every day, even for the most energetic individual but never underestimate the power of “the push” in your life.
Having trouble getting motivated? Well, many people are. But not to worry, there are several ways to bring back that spark in your life.

Getting motivated again

It’s true that motivation comes and goes, but you should never suffer from lack of motivation all the time. Some people do. So, here are several ways to get back to work and run toward those dreams.

Give yourself a push

If you push yourself to start, motivation will kick in a bit later, thus, growing more motivation. When you see your motivation drop, try these little moves: Stand up! If you’re sitting too much, just start randomly standing and walking around. Just the motion of moving from one side of the room to the other will get you started. If you’re getting up late, set an alarm. A loud alarm can certainly be a push to get motivated. Try it!

Decrease distractions

Avoiding distractions will also teach you how to motivate yourself. Sometimes you may have to sneak away to find a place, like a quiet spot underneath a shade tree to do some planning. Nature has a way of sparking energy that wasn’t there before. If you’re writing and need to avoid distractions, try the library. Remember, it’s supposed to be quiet there far removed from the hustle and bustle of all the noise. If you can think of a calm and peaceful place, go there to recharge so you can get things done.

Play music

Sometimes motivation means getting into the ‘zone. It’s difficult to get into the zone and stay there when your mind wanders. With music, especially upbeat songs, your whole being seems to find an energy reserve to get up and going. One reason may be that you’ve started dancing to the tune, getting excited, and then feeling as though you can conquer the world. You see, it’s not just a nice thought. Music actually helps the brain to release mood-enhancing chemicals, and these chemicals give us a boost.

Get up when you fall

Learning how to motivate yourself also means never giving up. If you have a few bad days, then just get back on track. Here are a few ways you can do that. Write a new to-do list and make it long. However, only do a couple of these things each day so you aren’t overwhelmed. Set new goals as well. If what you’re doing isn’t working, then change your ideas and even perceptions. Try to see things from other’s perspectives. Just try again, over and over.

Get inspired

If you’re sitting around, take this time to read something inspirational like a book about healing or meditation. Or you can watch a video about someone who’s found success with an online business. It’s about getting inspired to do something yourself, whether it’s an inspiration to get outside and go for a run or go swimming. Just find inspiration when you’re not motivated, and this will change things. You can read an article on The Mighty about how someone succeeded in their own goals, or watch a TED talk about motivation. Then focus on actions you can take from these sources.

Keep your goal visible

Here’s a tricky and sometimes irritating thing to do to yourself. Write down your biggest goal on a piece of paper, and tape it to the refrigerator. Every day when you get something to snack on, you will see this goal. You might rip it down but keep putting it back up until your motivation increases. Try putting little notes around the house bragging about your achievements. This will remind you that your goals are not impossible at all. They can be attained. One note might read, “Take it one step at a time, you’ve done this before.”

Share your goals in public

If you share what you want to do with many other people, you will feel more compelled to do those things. It will be much harder to procrastinate when you feel like others are expecting you to complete your goals. If you really want to know how to motivate yourself, then make your motivation a goal itself, and let everyone know. You can do this by posting on social media about your plans, you can keep a journal you can share with loved ones, or even write a kindle book. If you’re feeling brave, make a video, talking about each step you take as you work toward your goals.

Take small steps

Motivation is not about taking huge steps every day. We all get frustrated, tired, and discouraged. So, if you take small steps, you will understand how to find motivation. The will to get up and start moving lives between each small step you make. Keep moving.

Move from success to success

There haven’t been any truer motivation words than these: build on your milestones. What does this mean? Well, simply put, when you are successful at something, let that success drive you to do something else successful until you’ve learned to greatly decrease your procrastinating behavior. For instance, if you haven’t saved quite enough money to buy a new car yet, be patient. Open a new account, and just save as much as you can until you reach your goal. With each set amount you reach, set a higher amount for your next milestone.

Imagine you without motivation

Close your eyes and see what you must look like being unmotivated. Then imagine how you might look years from now, living with no motivation and reaching none of your goals. Yes, this is a negative thought, but if it pushes you to change things, then it works. Just as you imagine your success and goals bettering you, imagine what will happen if you don’t pursue those goals.

Be thankful

If you’re feeling unmotivated, write down all the things you’re thankful for, and this might help you feel driven to action. If you’re thankful for the breath in your lungs, your arms, your legs, your home, your friends, then maybe you will find the motivation to use your body more, clean that home you have or spend time with those friends. After all, they’re all blessings and you should never take your blessings for granted.


Push yourself one good time for an important reason. Declutter your home. Clean out all the crowded spaces, get rid of things you never use, or the things that no longer serve a purpose. The more hoarded your home looks, the more you will just want to lie around and avoid doing anything. I once heard a saying the state of your closet reflects the state of your mind. A messy home breeds depression, and depression kills motivation.

Change your mindset

Even when you’re doing nothing, try to find the positive in that too. Maybe you need some rest for a while. A change of mindset reframes your thoughts completely. You begin to look at events in a different way. Your interpretations of these events are no longer negative, and you stop feeling like a loser.
So, ask yourself a few questions like these, “How do I begin to see things differently?”, “Was it really my fault?”, and “Am I really being rejected?” When you ask yourself these questions, you will see that most of the time, things just happen. And this will help you change the way you see life -changing from a negative perspective to a positive one.

Accept support

If a friend offers to help motivate you, don’t turn them down. Sometimes, we need help, in all areas of life. When someone wants to help us be better people and reach goals, then we should gladly accept the help. In turn, we can have their back when the time comes.

Mix it up

One last thing to remember: don’t try the same tricks and tips of motivation every single time you feel down. Mix things up and try something different to give you an even stronger push to get going. One day, remember your goals, the next day, watch an inspirational video, and then another day, just dance to some awesome music to pump up your positive mindset.

Learning how to find motivation

Understanding how to motivate yourself begins when you identify what gives you energy and what takes it away. Are you surrounding yourself with the wrong people? Has your diet and exercise regimen taken a nosedive? Could my negativity and lack of motivation be due to a high intake of alcohol or even caffeine?
As you understand what’s not healthy about your life, you will start to see the good things like fun activities, friends who aren’t toxic, and things that make you laugh. When you are rested and at peace, you will find it much easier to build motivation. And that is the objective. So, get out there and get motivated! The world needs you.