Inspirational Women Of San Diego

The city of San Diego, California, isn’t just a great place to take a vacation. It’s also the home of some of the most inspirational women making lasting change.

San Diego has beautiful beaches, unbelievable sights, and many fun activities to enjoy. But to appreciate the city for its worth, you must learn about the wonderful women who influence San Diego and its surrounding areas.

Most Influential Women In Southern California

Some of the most inspiring women who’re making significant changes can be found in San Diego. These ladies are strong, bold, and beautiful, both on the inside and out. Here are some of the most notable women chasing life goals or who have already succeeded in this area.

Rosalie Schwartz

This inspiring woman is honored for her writing on Latin American history and prohibition. She has been a history teacher at several California Universities and is also an American Historical Association fellow. Her best-known books are “Pleasures Island: Tourism and Temptation in Cuba” and “Flying Down to Pleasure Island.”

Schwartz was inducted into the San Diego Women’s Hall of Fame for her endeavors to bring more attention to women’s history, including women inventors and heroes of the war. Also, she brought needed attention to education about the various cultures of Latin America.

Susan Jester

A member of the San Diego Citizens Equal Opportunity Commission, and the San Diego County Sheriff’s LGBTQ+, Susan Jester was honored to support the gay men’s community in the AIDS epidemic. She used her political experience to bring awareness to these issues and raise much-needed funds for research.

She is responsible for the first AIDs walk in San Diego. Talk about inspiration and equality; this lady paved the way for inclusivity around the world. Just this year, Jester was also inducted into the San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame. She is known as the “empowered.” Over the years, Susan Jester headed many other movements and changes in the San Diego area.

Dr. Hossna Sadat Ahadi

This inspirational woman has gone above and beyond for education’s sake. She was awarded ‘The Woman to Watch’ just last year. She is currently a counselor and professor at Palomar College and is a part-time teacher at the National University of Sanford. Ahadi has dual bachelor’s degrees, including Political Science and the Near East, from San Diego, California University.

She also has a Master’s degree in Social Justice and Multicultural education awarded from (SDSU) San Diego State University. Ahadi traveled, sharing what she’s learned with other women and youth. As a teacher of the year for two years, she proved that women are indeed contenders.

“Little girls with dreams become women with visions” -Dr. Hossna Sadat Ahadi

Megan Fenyoe

CEO and Founder of the international I AM ENOUGH movement, Air Force veteran, and Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Fenyoe is out to change how we see our beautiful women of the world. She is a best-selling author of You Are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength, reflecting on her experience in a narcissistic marriage. She’s been working as a Mental Health Therapist for 15 years, bringing hope to trauma survivors and those with mental health conditions.

Genevieve Jones-Wright

Executive director of Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance, Genevieve Jones-Wright, is determined to change, repair, and diversify the way we live today. She advocates for racial justice, fair treatment for disenfranchised people and brings about proper police accountability.

She is also a member of the Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention. Wright is a San Diego native who witnessed injustices and unfair treatment that have shaped the inner cities. Wright aims to hold the government accountable to all people.

Inspiring Women Of San Diego

Whether it’s about career goals or personal goals, women have been working non-stop to make their achievements known. The dreams of women aren’t going unnoticed. We, like the beautiful women of power, are changing this world for the better. You, I, and anyone can be a woman of change and inspiration. We can start today!