Is My Marriage Over?

Finding Solutions When the Odds Are Against You

Could it be? Is my marriage over? Well, some people give up, throw in the towel and decide they want out of the relationship. But could there be hope for your marriage?

Marriage is a sacred vow between two people that, in a perfect world, should last forever. But, unfortunately, we aren’t in a perfect world, so some things fall apart. When things get tough, we wonder, “Is my marriage over?” Then we desperately seek ways to heal, or we walk away. Are you willing to give your marriage another try?

Learning How To Save My Marriage

Before you decide to be heroic and try to save your marriage, look at all the aspects of your union. In simple terms, do you think your marriage is worth saving or is my marriage over? First, you must make sure there’s enough good to override the bad parts in your relationship. This is the major key. Are you still asking around about how to save my marriage? If so, listen up.

Be Kind Instead Of Mean

Even in the toughest of times, even when your partner is lashing out, try kindness. If you get angry and lash out in return, your partner expects this type of reaction, but he doesn’t expect a soft gesture. He doesn’t expect to get a hug or a compliment. So, being kind can halt an argument long enough to quell some of the anger. Being kind, over and over, can be like a balm to the open sores of a damaged relationship.

Look At Yourself

If I wanted to know how to save my marriage, I would start by looking within. It is tempting to blame your spouse, but this won’t solve your worst problems. You’re saying you do nothing wrong in the relationship by blaming her, and this is not true. None of us are perfect. So, look at yourself first and offer ways that you can make the union better. This could make a huge positive change.

Listen More Often

Sometimes marriages fail due to a lack of communication. In fact, it’s more common than you think. This doesn’t mean talking to your spouse and expecting them to listen to what you have to say. On the contrary, communication is healthy when both parties talk and listen. If you’re not listening well, stop talking for a while and really hear what your partner says. You may find the root of the problem in how they feel.

Have Patience

“Is my marriage over?” Well, you cannot know this overnight. It takes patience to understand and see where the marriage is going. When you utilize positive tips and ideas, you must let these things work a little bit at a time. You cannot just say “I’m sorry” and expect things to go back to the way they were in the beginning. Having patience is also a key to saving a relationship.

Drop The Negativity

Of course, you’ll never learn how to save your marriage until you also learn to be more positive. If you think you’re thinking about divorce all the time, you’re subconsciously pushing yourself in that direction. Having a negative attitude will not help you heal and will not improve communication skills. In fact, it’s one of the quickest ways of getting closer to ending your marriage.

Tone Of Voice Matters

If you’re always using a mean or condescending voice toward your spouse, then you won’t have to wonder if your marriage ending because it will. Nothing kills the love between two people quite like treating each other like children or subordinates. So check your voice, and make sure you’re not talking down to your mate and making them feel bad about themselves.

When Fighting, Fight Fair

If you’re fighting, don’t resort to calling names or bringing up the past. This will only inflame the situation, and it will make it much easier to consider divorce. No one want’s to be called names, and they certainly don’t want to pay for past mistakes repeatedly. When fighting continues in this manner, divorce starts to seem like a way out of a hellish situation. So, when you fight, don’t do these things.

Touch As Much As Possible

Intimacy isn’t just about sexual relations. Maybe if you’re not getting along, you don’t feel like this sort of thing. However, if you continue to touch each other’s arm or hand, even have a hug now and then, it retains a certain intimacy that makes it hard to let go. Now, I say this about healthy relationships and not obviously toxic ones. So, if you’re learning how to save your marriage, keep touching each other and making connections.

Is It Worth It?

Is my marriage over? Well, that depends. Before you can try and retain your relationship, weigh your pros and cons. Is there more negativity in your union than positive? Do you find yourself happier alone? There are so many things you must consider before you commit yourself to save the marriage.

If the marriage is worth saving and has a basically positive foundation, you can then use these tips and grow stronger together. I’ve had to learn how to save my marriage before, and you can do it too. When you learn how to this, you also learn how to maintain your marriage; just remember that. Love is a commitment, not a feeling.