West Coast Road Trips To Kickstart Your Freedom and Independence

How Does A Road Trip Boost Sense Of Autonomy And Independence

The open road is a symbol of independence, liberation, and transformation. in the movies characters are removed from the conventions of their lives to endless possibilities. I have travelled extensively across the US and along both coastlines and have found these trips to have defined me in some way for the better. The trips opened me up to an alternative world of experience and people, which always seemed to renew me at my core. With no schedule the world opened me up to endless possibilities as childlike adventure, wonder and curiosity await the next day.

After the year that the world stood still, do you feel like it’s time to reset and renew your sense of self, independence, and autonomy? Nothing says transformation, independence, and discovery than the vast open spaces, nooks, and hidden gems of a road trip.

7 Reasons To Take A Road Trip

  1. You set the pace yourself, and you don’t have any set times to follow. It gives you time to be yourself.
  2. Adventure! You are on nobody’s plan but yours. You can discover all the big attractions and take time to pay attention to the small hidden gems.
  3. You can put the windows down and blast out all the music that gets your groove back.
  4. Renewal every day removes you from the conventions of the life you are seeking to improve. You see so much in a short time it makes an impact.
  5. Spontaneity brings the fun back in you when you thought it was lost. You can change the itinerary at a moment’s notice and take time at the places which bring spirit and harmony to your life.
  6. More travel for your money. You can put your money into what matters to you.
  7. A way to connect or reconnect with friends and family through the excitement of new experiences, great soundtracks, and long conversations.

Here Are Some Of Our Own Favorite Road Trips:

California Pacific Coast Road Trip

The Pacific coast is one of the most famous sites to see.  Eight hundred miles of the coastline provides so much to check out in many major California cities. You will travel through San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, not to mention cities in between. There are areas to stop and camp for the night, beaches and more beaches, and so much delicious food to try.

San Diego to Big Sur is a 418-mile journey with stunning coastline and quaint towns with varied seaside lifestyles.

  1. From San Diego, take a stroll to the cove in LaJolla, visit the Seals at Children’s pool. A 50-mile journey will take you along the 101 will take you through the beautiful towns of Del Mar and Encinitas 50 additional miles to Oceanside to enjoy a sunset.
  2. Within 45 minutes, you can be in Laguna Beach to walk down to a thousand step beach. You can peruse the quaint artisan shops and enjoy a cocktail at Las Brisas overlooking the Pacific.
  3. In Venice Beach, 80 minutes away, the exciting with a mix of eclectic culture and shops.
  4. Another 45-minute journey to Santa Barbara to visit Inspiration Point.
  5. Finally, on Pfeiffer Beach, enjoy strange and magical purple sand glistening in the tidewater.

Explore Nevada

Strong independent women will love Nevada. Did you know that there is so much more to this state than Las Vegas? It’s true, gambling isn’t all you can do for a good time, but you can start in Vegas anyway.

  1. From Las Vegas, a detour one hour to the Valley of Fire State Park. Enjoy the walking trails among the beautiful crimson hues of natural sandstone formations.
  2. Then head north to Hwy 93 and travel for 2 hours; you will reach Highway 375, better known as Extraterrestrial Highway. Enjoy the eerie and mysterious vibes when you pass Area 51 and map out locations of numerous alien sightings.
  3. Since you will be traveling Hwy 375 for 5 hours, you can explore the various alien-themed roadside stands and attractions as well.
  4. When you reach Lake Tahoe, relax and enjoy the city. Here you can partake in lakeside activities, including camping.
  5. If you’re still super excited in the morning, head north for 3 additional hours to see the Black Rock Desert, home of Burning Man. You can camp another night and witness the best stargazing you’ve ever seen.

Washington State Road Trip

The northernmost western state is underrated. Washington State is a great place for an adventurous road trip.

  1. Before leaving Seattle, check out the Space Needle and enjoy fresh seafood in the northern city atmosphere.
  2. From Seattle, you will head toward Leavenworth (a Bavarian-themed village), which is 2 hours away. In this quirky little town, you can visit a strange place called the Nutcracker Museum. On the way out, enjoy a German beer, cheese, and chocolates. If you’re there on the weekend, there’s usually a festival.
  3. From Leavenworth, travel east for almost 2 hours to Dry Falls. Around 20,000 years ago, Dry Falls was the largest waterfall in the world, five times wider than Niagra Falls. Take photos and hike into the canyon.
  4. On your way back to Seattle, stop by several attractions, including a statue of George Washington in the town of George Washington. Take some silly photographs to show friends.
  5. Visit the Gingko Petrified State Park and museum to see beautiful varieties of petrified trees.

A Few Quick Road Trip Tips For Women

Before you leave on your adventure, there are a few things you should remember. These tips will help you stay safe while having a great time.

  • Inspect your car, making sure it’s in the best condition possible for driving long distances.
  • Plan ahead. While it’s fine to wing it, a basic outline of your destinations keeps you on track.
  • Pack smart. While you will need plenty of clothes, snacks, and hygienic products, try not to over-accommodate with things you don’t really need. Could you keep it simple but smart?
  • Bring a couple of power banks to keep electronics charged. You don’t want to miss taking photographs of unique scenery.
  • Make sure someone back home knows where you are going and can follow your route. This is to ensure your safety.
  • Stay in safe places if staying in hotels. Also, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, so you are aware of your surroundings. Don’t sleep in roadside rest areas at night. A policeman told me these could be hazardous places.
  • Most of all, have fun!