What To Wear To The Pool Party When You Are Body Conscious

Summer is time for pool parties and the beach. For many women, this means sundresses and bikinis. But if you’re body-conscious, it’s a different story.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing small swimsuits and short dresses. In fact, if you’re body conscious, you may even prefer winter because you want to cover your body. When you feel like you have problem areas on your body, you’re prone to show less skin, but sometimes you stay at home instead.

Hey, that’s no fun. Just because you may be trying to hide your booty or your tummy doesn’t mean you can’t wear a swimsuit or sundress. The solution is to find these same outfits made to flatter your problem areas or draw attention to your best qualities.

Sultry Summer Outfits For The Body Conscious

If you think there’s nothing to wear to the beach or a pool party, think again. If you’re body-conscious, you can find many accessories and flattering swimsuits to perfect the summer season. Check out these ideas.

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Just because your body-conscious, it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing bikinis. While the traditional two-piece suit may terrify you, a bikini with a high-waisted bottom will camouflage your tummy. Because, let’s face it, many of us worry about what we call “tummy rolls.” These high-waisted bottoms control your problem area by holding your belly tight and secure. With this help, you can feel free to enjoy that summer vibe like everyone else.

Wrap Skirts

Another way to help you enjoy the warm season is a sultry summer wrap skirt. There are endless patterned wraps for women who wish to cover the body half of their swimsuit. A skirt like this is simply one large square piece of material, covered in a beautiful design and sometimes embellished with fringes or beads.

It may take a little while to learn all the different ways you can wear the wrap skirt tied over your bikini bottom or twisted into a summer swimsuit cover that resembles a sundress. However, you use the wrap; you’ll feel much better about going to that pool party.

Booty Coverage Bottoms

Lots of women don’t mind half their butt cheek hanging out, and it can be flattering. But other women are more modest and prefer to keep their booties covered. If you’re worried about cellulite on your behind, there’s a solution to cover that. When buying a swimsuit, don’t turn down a two-piece. There are many bikinis now that have full booty coverage. This allows you to enjoy a bikini like everyone else, but with none of the embarrassment of showing too much skin.

The Tankini

This outfit can be worn to a pool party or the beach. A tankini two-piece with an extended top portion and an ample amount of booty coverage on the bottom. Some beautiful tankinis accentuate the cleavage if you’re okay showing off your favorite features. One such tankini is covered in fun diagonal frills, drawing attention to your full figure and thick thighs. This selection is sexy because it shows just enough but leaves a lot to the imagination, which can be exciting.

Peplum And Handkerchief Tankinis

These versions of the tankini create an hourglass figure because of their shape. The top comes from around the neck into a deep V cleavage, then flares out toward the waist. Paired with full coverage bottoms and those who are body conscious can feel a bit more confident. If you choose the handkerchief version, it’s even more loose and flowing at the bottom.

The Coverup-Sundress Style

If you’re feeling extremely body conscious, you can wear a coverup dress over your swimsuit. This is one of the best options for a pool party. Some gorgeous sundress-style cover dresses will make you forget about all those problem areas that make you worry. I see many women wearing ankle-length sheer cover dresses at the beach near me, and they draw attention. They even get double-takes. I wear these dresses at home too because I feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Sultry Summer For The Body-Conscious

Before you go shopping, there’s just one question you should ask yourself. “Why am I so worried about my body?” Only you know the answer to this question. However, I would like to say that women of all shapes, sizes, and colors are beautiful and should never be ashamed of their appearance.

Even so, if you want to have fun this summer at a pool party or the beach and you want to feel confident, try some of these outfits. I think you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget about your imperfections. And remember, none of us are perfect, so let’s enjoy the summer vibe.